Reptilian Mad Pax Backpack: Get Ready to Rumble Like a Koopa

The first thing that popped in my mind when I saw this backpack is the Koopas, from Super Mario Bros. As we all know, Koopas are the race of turtles against which Mario has to fight. For some reason, this backpack includes spikes, so you’re probably closer to being Bowser or Iggy Koopa than just a plain old Koopa.

reptilian pink mad pax backpack koopa bowser iggy super mario bros

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Koopa Steaks and Yoshi Stew: Now That’s What’s For Dinner!

Pixel artist Jude Buffum is back with some new stuff: he’s put together some handy images that tell you which parts of your favorite Nintendo 8-bit characters you’ll enjoy eating the most. Naturally, he stays away from the heroes and only presents the ones you’d really like to butcher, like the Koopas and Yoshi.

koopa super mario ganon judebuffum video games art

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