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A Kingly De Rosan Afternoon

De Rosa King 3

De Rosa King 3

I went by the bike shop today to meet up with someone selling his Giant ’07 OCR C1. It had few miles on it and it was a size L. Edward from the Giant shop inspected it for me and told me that it was worth $1,200, no more. That confirmed what I had thought. My guess was that it wasn’t worth more than $1,000. Sure it hadn’t been ridden much, but the new equivalent bikes from Giant were going for the same price that he wanted for his 3-year old bike.

Anyway, this was beside the point, since when I tried it out, it felt too big. I usually ride M sized frames. This was an L. It was too big. I told him that for the price that he wanted for his old bike, I could snag up a top-of-the-line ’09 Kuota KOM frame with about 1,000 km on it and fit it out with crap components which I could upgrade over time.

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Day Off

S-Sun 7000 Candlepower LED light

S-Sun 7000 Candlepower LED light

Well, my day off didn’t really turn out the way I would have liked. I started out too late and didn’t manage to get a bike ride in. There was a bit of rain, but it was just that I started going about my business too late. At least I got some sleep.

I went to the bike shop today to pick up another LED light. I had a smaller model, so I picked up the S-Sun 7000 candlepower light. The smaller light is very bright, so I expected the bigger one to be even better. It was a bit expensive, but better safe than sorry, and I had too many close calls during my night rides to not get an extra light.

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70 KM Night Bike Ride

Kuota KOM

Kuota KOM

You may wonder why I keep posting all of these Kuota KOM images. The answer is pretty simple. It’s the bike that I’m trying to get.

So I was supposed to do at least 100 km, but only managed to do 70. The advantage of doing loops is that you have the flexibility of stopping when things get hairy. After 60 km, I started feeling groggy and tired. I knew that I would make a mistake soon. I decided to stop and not go for 100 km.

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Kuota Kom and Orbea Orca

Kuota Kom

Kuota Kom

Since I’m in the market for a midrange carbon fiber frame, I’ve done some extensive research on these two frames. I qualify both of these frames midrange since they aren’t as pricey as the Time RXR Ulteam, De Rosa King 3, Colnago EPS, Pinarello Prince, Wilier Cento Uno (and Wilier Cento Uno SL) and the Look 595. Let’s not talk about the Pinarello Dogma. It’s even more expensive than that Prince and prices have not yet been announced. It’s 860gr, and that’s 40 gr lighter than the Prince, yet it’s 23% stiffer.

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Wilier Cento or Kuota Kom or Orbea Orca or Giant TCR Advanced SL

Wilier Cento

Wilier Cento

Since I’m currently in the market for a high-end frame. I have the following choices: Orbea Orca, Giant TCR Advanced SL, Kuota Kom, Wilier Cento. The Pinarello Prince, Time RXR Ulteam, Colnago EPS & EP and De Rosa King 3 are out of the running. Mostly because they are out of my price range.

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