The IKEA LACK Hack Projector-Friendly Ceiling Light

080111-ceiling-LED-LACK.jpgHere’s a dilemma plenty of us projector owners face: you want to ceiling mount your projector, but there’s a ceiling mounted lighting fixture in the way. Jerzy Żygłowicz worked around this problem by making his own flat profile ceiling lamp using parts from affordable IKEA LACK side tables and adding a combo halogen and LED lighting fixtures, permitting his LCD projector beam to reach its intended screen destination…

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Baby-Proofing An IKEA Hacked LACK TV Bench

041811_rg_TripleLackShelving_01.jpgStylish storage for your living room, especially for the entertainment center, can be problematic, since you don’t want it to appear cluttered but you still need plenty of space to store all of the components of your home entertainment center. Add into the equation a new addition to your family, then it’s also prudent to raise some of your existing shelving out of the reach of your little ones, just to make sure that everyone stays safe.

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The DIY IKEA “LACKured” Media Cabinet

030711_rg_IKEALacquered_02.jpgWhen you move to a new place, it’s possible that all of your furniture won’t match the overall decor and feel of the new pad, so you’re left with a few options. Either get rid of them or hack them into something that will do the job. This is what this enterprising furniture hacker from Miami did with his LACK media cabinet.

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The Other Double IKEA Lack TV Stand

When we mentioned how you could double your IKEA Lack storage for your TV stand, there were bound to be other versions of this hack that would appear. This is the latest and we have to say that it does look good. Instead of making the double Lack hack TV stand appear massive, it looks more svelte. Read on to see how it was done.

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Inspiring IKEA Lack Hacks: Taking It to the Next Level

There’s nothing more frustrating when you can’t find that perfect piece of furniture to finish off a room. It’s can annoy you. The trick that we’ve learned is that if you can’t find it yourself, hack it! IKEA Lacks are a great basis for a number of different hacks, and here are the ones that set themselves apart.

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Doubling the Capacity of IKEA LACK TV Shelving

When it comes time to set up your entertainment center, sometimes it’s hard to find one that will exactly suit your needs. This is why it’s so convenient to hack your own out of existing furniture. Most times, it doesn’t require much to make things work and if you’ve got an IKEA close by (as-is section, anyone?), then you’ve got a wealth of materials to use for a DIY solution.

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The Hacked Computer Shelf Puts Monitor At Perfect Height

Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in front of their computer will tell you that it gets painful after a few hours if you don’t use ergonomics. It’s sad that not a lot of places put an emphasis on this, especially if you are working from home. This is why we thought that hacking a picture shelf to become a computer shelf would be the perfect recipe for people needing something like this.

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Brum’s Stylish IKEA Lack Living Room Redesign

When you want to bring a bit of life into your living room, one of the best ways to go about it is to examine what you can actually do, for not a lot of money. Seriously, there are quite a few swanky pads out there, but a lot of them have invested serious amounts of money to make them look really good. What sets this hack apart is that it makes your living room look outstanding, for not much money.

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The IKEA Lack Hack

The IKEA Lack that was hacked into an entertainment center

This has got to be one of the most inspirational hacks that we’ve seen in a while. The fact that the Lack shelf was transformed into a fully functional, and great-looking, entertainment center, means that you won’t have to spend the big bucks in order to have something that looks good.

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