CES 2011: Lady Gaga & Zeppelins All the Way

010711_rg_ZeppelinGaga_01.jpgCES 2011 is drawing to a close, and most tech reporters are set to return home pretty soon. As much as we love tech, it’s easy to be completely inundated with information during these fares. Some sites were generating over a hundred posts a day this week. Two of the products that we particularly liked were the Polaroid revamp thanks to Lady Gaga and the new Zeppelin Air dock from Bowers & Wilkins.

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Selected Quotes From Glee Theatricality S01E20

What’s up with this Gaga dude, he just dresses up weird, like Bowie

It’s weird, it makes my eyes tired.
Jock to Kurt

You being a jock and in that glee club doesn’t make you versatile, it makes you bisexual.

Asian vampires are the most vicious of all vampires.

You’re going to let me wear my lady demon clothes, or my dad will fly into your bedroom and bite your face off, is that what you want.

NyMag & Lady Gaga

It’s a long interview, but interesting nonetheless.

As we began the conversation, Gaga spoke carefully in a very odd accent—some combination of Madonna as Madge and a robot

She completely turns the page on the last decade’s era of bimbodom, taking back the limelight from women who made their careers by admitting that they had nothing to say, like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

“At that time, my breasts were much bigger, and firm, and delicious.” (Another high-school nickname: Big Boobs McGee.)