Lamp-Based USB Charging: One Stop to Juice Up

012412_rg_USBChargingLamp_01.jpgWhile it’s not uncommon for lamps and desk lights to integrate other functions, a recent trend is the incorporation of charging station for tech accessories, creating an ideal “landing spot” for mobile devices.


Brando Pac-Man Ghost Lamps: But Where are Pinky, Inky and Clyde?

While I doubt that Brando asked to license these from Namco, they’re certainly fun lamps for your work area. These USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp’s light up like a Christmas tree whenever it senses that you need more light, all the while looking vaguely like the ghosts from Pac-Man.

usb brando ghost light lamp pac-man

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Philippe Starck’s Multi-functional USB + LED Lamps

Boutique brands and designers have been toying with LED lamps for a while, thanks to their energy efficiency and the opportunity for slimmer form factors. But these new lamps from Philippe Starck combine an eleganct form design with multi-functionality, adding a USB port so your lamp isn’t just something to turn on, but also something to plug into…

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QisDesign’s LED Lamps: Boutique Energy Efficiency

As LED lights are starting to become prevalent, thanks to the fact that they are getting more energy efficient than CFLs, we’re finding some interesting lighting solutions from all sorts of companies. These lights were created by the Taiwanese company QisDesign, and they look quite fetching, especially the table lamp that folds completely flat.

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Molecules Origami Lamps: Folded Paper & LEDs

These beautiful lamps were recently unveiled in Milan, Spain, and they are part of the Molecules collection, which is a completely new series of lights based upon the origami art of Ilan Garibi. You wouldn’t think that these lights were technological, but you’d be wrong; they include digitally dimmable LEDs and are touch-operated.

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Create Your Own LivingColors Lamp With LED Bulbs

032411_rg_MakeYourOwnLivColor_01.jpgWe’ve always been fans of the Philips LivingColors lamp. This nicely designed mood light will enable you to change the ambiance of a room with the push of a button. Sadly the price of the lamp can be quite overwhelming, especially if you want to get more than one. Thankfully, we’ve found a simple hack that can give you similar results. Albeit, the lamp won’t looks as beautiful as the LivingColors, but it will cost you a lot less.

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Arturo Alvarez’s Handmade Ventopop Pendant Light


There’s something magical about handmade lights. This beautiful pendant light would look amazing in many living rooms. Even though it is a limited edition and somewhat expensive, it gave me some ideas for how to get something similar and a lot cheaper in my own place.

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Sergio Mendoza’s Recycled Lights: Crates & Pallets


There are so many fruit crates and pallets that just get wasted. This is one of the reasons why Sergio Mendoza created these lamps out of just those materials, including bits of porcelain for good measure.

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Create Your Own i.materialise 3D-Printed Lamp

121010_rg_ImaterialiseLamps_01.jpg3D printing is no longer something that’s reserved for technology companies. Now, you can order your own 3D-printed lamps from the 3D printing company i.materialise. The last time we reported on this back in March, Patrick Jouin was creating some lamps for this company. Now, you can create your own lamp.

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Awesome Living Pixels Lampshades Are Retro Chic

These amazing-looking lampshades are based upon pixels, which makes them really neat. They are handmade and were cobbled together using vintage lamps that were updated for this project.

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