5 Great Energy Efficient Washing Machines

There are quite a few manufacturers touting their energy-efficient washing machines. It’s sometimes hard to decide which one is best. Here you’ll find 5 distinctive washing machines, suited for all budgets, that cut down on costs by saving detergent, water, and electricity.

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Gorente Condenser Dryer Saves Power & Looks Good

021210_rg_GorenjeDryer_01.jpgDrying clothes is a must when things get really humid. The trouble is that dryers consume a lot of electricity. If you take the time to check your electricity meter while the dryer is going, you’ll be surprised, especially if you”ve got older models. This new dryer by Gorenje is not only a dryer, but a condenser dryer.

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The Technological Touch Screen Oven By Barazza

Touch screens are all the rage right. It seems that they will be also appearing on appliances. This latest oven by Barazza features one as well. Are they worth it?

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