3 Surefire Alarm Clocks For the Perpetually Late

021712_rg_SurefireWaysGetUp_01.jpgIf you’re like us, you’ve probably struggled with getting out of bed on time without pressing the snooze button, which we find quite insidious, as very few of us make rational decisions a few seconds after their morning alarm sounds. Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you’ll always be up once that pesky alarm sounds.


Class Lateness

Every morning, I have to write at least one article for Unplggd before I leave for school or work. There is just no way that I’m home in time to write one for the 5:30PM deadline. This has a tendency of making me late. At least I’m professional. I’m only late for my morning classes (the ones that I attend at school, not the ones that I teach!), and not by much. Between 3-5 minutes. It’s really annoying, but I’ve yet to find a system that won’t make me late. I’ve tried waking up earlier but it’s to no avail.

I could always write before I go to bed, but that rarely works. I’m just too tired.