Bad Laundry Day: Crazy, Mixed-up Superheroes

Check out this series of amusing images that depict what happens when super heroes try and do their own laundry, instead of having their trusty assistants perform the task.

super bad laundry day 01

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Tricks to Stacking Any Washer & Dryer to Save Space

033011_rg_StackableWasherDryer_01.jpgWhen you don’t have a large kitchen or enough space for all of your appliances, it’s time to get creative. You’ll have to find space where you can salvage it, optimize your kitchen for maximum efficiency, so that it works, looks good, and still doesn’t feel cramped. The placement is also important, since you don’t want the washer and dryer column towering over your dinner table.

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Ecowasbal: 1,000 Washes With No Detergent? Apparently


Th Ecowasbal washes your clothes… without detergent! Designed by GreenHabits, a company based in Amsterdam, the Ecowasbal is made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene plastic. Just toss it in your laundry and it promises to save you up to 80% of the amount of detergent you would normally use. It sounds like science-fiction, but apparently it works very well. Anyone tried it?

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