Evouni Leather Arc iPhone Cover: Simplicity at its Best?

There are a lot of funky iPhone cases out there, but I rather like the simplicity of this one. It’s basically just a pouch that doubles as a cover and a stand for your iPhone when rolled back.

Evouni iphone leather case 01

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Smartphone Leather Bracelet: Wear Your Stand on Your Wrist

Carrying around stands for all of your devices can be a pain, which is why I like Jesse Herbert’s Smartphone Bracelet. It doesn’t take up much space, and when it’s not in use by your smartphone, you can wear it as a bracelet.

jesse herbert oospmark bracelet smartphone leather etsy

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Laptop Sleeves for the Fashionable Sophisticate

With everyone is sporting similiar-looking devices, it can be the accessories that distinguish you from the crowds. So there’s on reason to be carrying around a me-too laptop case or sleeve when there are so many fashionable options available…

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Hard Graft Felt iPad Case: Handmade Goodness from Italy

If you’re looking for something a bit different in an iPad case, then you might want to check out this Hard Graft case that’s handmade in Italy. While it’s a bit more expensive than most, you get a pretty unique case that has a bunch of features and great materials.

hard graft ipad case felt natural handmade

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BookBook iPhone Case Turns Your iPhone into a Book

I always liked the BookBook MacBook case, but the new iPhone case looks really nice as well. The neat thing about it is that it can double as a wallet (if you don’t need to carry around too much stuff). It’s hard to find anything that beats the aged book look.

bookbook iphone wallet case leather book twelvesouth

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Leather QWERTY Wallet Doesn’t Type, But It Should

There was a time when I tried living without a wallet, and after losing a few important cards, I quickly reverted to carrying one again. This QWERTY leather wallet is certainly distinctive with its keyboard embossing and will serve all geeks well.

geek fashion wallet leather qwerty

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Reptilian Mad Pax Backpack: Get Ready to Rumble Like a Koopa

The first thing that popped in my mind when I saw this backpack is the Koopas, from Super Mario Bros. As we all know, Koopas are the race of turtles against which Mario has to fight. For some reason, this backpack includes spikes, so you’re probably closer to being Bowser or Iggy Koopa than just a plain old Koopa.

reptilian pink mad pax backpack koopa bowser iggy super mario bros

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Nick & Beau PaletteCase For iPad 2: One Case to Rule Them All?

The perfect iPad case is almost like the One Ring from Lord of the Rings: it’s almost impossible to find and when you do, it’s filled with problems. That’s one of the reasons why design team Nick & Beau designed their somewhat fancy PaletteCase for the iPad 2 and iPad. It’s simple enough so that it’s not too large, but you can use it in a variety of ways.

palettecase palette case ipad 2 apple nick beau design kickstarter

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Are Swarovski Crystal Fridges & Leather Ovens For Real?

120310_rg_OstentatiousAppliances_01.jpgWe’ve recently spied some luxury branded home appliances that look like the industrial designs from the imaginary workshop of Zsa Zsa Gabor alongside a revived Liberace. Who wants an all-leather adorned kitchen oven? Or a Swarovski crystal covered refrigerator? Apparently someone does…

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DIY: How To Make Your Own Great Leather iPod/iPhone Case

We’ve featured a bunch of great cases for iPods and iPhones, but most of them will set you back a bit of cash. In these cash strapped times, why not make one for yourself at home? In fact, the one available on the Apple store costs about $100. That’s about $90 to much from our point of view! Read on how you can make your own for a lot cheaper. British graphic designer GMJHowe was going to get one for himself, but he noticed that they only had those leather cases for iPod Classics, but none for iPod Touch. He decided to make one for himself. If there ever was a gadget that needed a case, it’s the iPod Touch. The important think to remember with this build is that it works not only on iPods, but any gadget that you want. The only thing that changes is the size and fit of the case.