Sharp LED LCD 70-Inch Aquos HDTV: Bigger Than Your Friends’ TVs

You got to admit that a 70-inch HDTV is pretty big. Prices have come down significantly for big screens, and the Sharp Aquos brand is no different. Their biggest LED LCD HDTV is probably bigger than a lot of your friends, at 5’10″ diagonal. Heck, hopefully you won’t have trouble finding a space that’s big enough to showcase it.

sharp aquos 70-inch led lcd hdtv tv

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What Will The Next Generation Television Sets Be Like?

With all of the hoopla surrounding 3D HDTVs, it makes you wonder what will happen in the next few years in TV technology. Will there be anything mind blowing or will things just even out over time? Ultimately, HDTVs and computer monitors serve as our primary interface with the web and computers.

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