The Truth Behind Lena Chen

Lena Chen just posted an in-depth blog about what really happened to her in the last year.


FMyLife is a great way of talking about the stupid stuff that happens in our lives. You can follow via twitter or read the blog. It’s pretty funny to read these random messed up stories. (via Lena)

Update: Naturally you can also subscribe to the feed and read the antics in your GReader, which is what I do. They are funny and tend to make me feel better.

Phelps and his New Girl

Lena doesn’t like the racism of a recent gawker post, and I have to agree with her. Racism is especially rampant in the comments of that post. Apparently, Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend is Asian.

We don’t want to sound “offensive” but it’s just a thing, you know?


I’m not going to quote those comments, they’re just going to piss me off. Who cares what race his girlfriend is? He can choose. It’s not a “thing”. She’s an American and someone should kick your asses for being racist.

Bulldogs and Bags

Hamlet enjoying a snooze
Hamlet enjoying a snooze

Lena’s British bulldog Hamlet enjoys bags as much as my French bulldog Spike. They like the coziness of bags in my opinion.

Spike in quarantine in Taipei in September 07
Spike in quarantine in Taipei in September '07

Lena Chen Gets Some Heat

Lena Chen, author of the blog Sex and the Ivy and Ch!cktionary got some heat in the past few days when someone outed the guy she was seeing. More on this story on her own blog. This is the post that got her upset. Chen has gotten some notoriety over the past few years since she blogged about her sex life openly while studying at Harvard. Currently Chen is visiting my hometown Heidelberg in Germany and plans on traveling the whole summer.