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LG Lucid 3: Affordable Droiding

I recently changed smartphones after I had lost mine whilst after dropping it from my motorcycle, consulting it for directions when I was stopped. A few cars drove over it, and I was surprised that it still worked with a completely shattered screen. Nevertheless, I was happily surprised when I no longer had to fight the autocorrect on my new phone. If you’re going to change phones, check out the new and affordable LG Lucid 3.

lg lucid 3 android smartphone 620x568

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LG Smart Activity Tracker Wristband Takes Aim at Nike+ FuelBand

It seems like this is the year that many manufacturers are trying to get into the fitness tracking wristband market, which has been largely dominated by the Nike+ FuelBand since it came out. Now LG has outed a gadget which seems like a mashup of many different devices, all put onto your wrist.

lg fitness band 2

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LG’s Anti-Mosquito Air Conditioner: Death to All Bloodsuckers!

If there’s one thing that I despise, it’s mosquitoes. The thing is that if they get into my bedroom or apartment, they will suck on my blood relentlessly, leaving everyone else alone. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I need the LG Anti-Mosquito Air Conditioner.

anti mosquito air conditioner

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LG 84-Inch UHD 3DTV: Forget Your Bank Account – Is Your Room Even Big Enough?

There’s something to be said about big-screen TVs: they can always get bigger. LG has announced the world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition 3DTV. The mammoth UD 3DTV also comes with a couple of smart features and over 8 million pixels per frame.

lg ud 3dtv 84 inch television

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LG Doubleplay: Split Keyboard Android Phone for Power-Texters

There’s no doubt that LG’s latest phone was designed for teenage hyper-texters. You know the kind, the ones that can text without even looking at their miniature keyboards, the touch-texters. The LG Doubleplay has a split keyboard for even faster typing, and comes with a secondary touchscreen which sits between the two halves of the keypad.

lg t-mobile doubleplay text phone smartphone slide-out keyboard touchscreen

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LG Announces Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners

Summer is always the time when the AC gets cranked up in order to cool things down. Having a broken AC is almost unlivable, depending on where you live. Thankfully, LG Electronics has just announced a new type of hybrid AC, one that uses solar energy among other things to fuel the cooler temperatures.

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LG’s Infinia HDTV As Slim As A Digital Picture Frame

010610_rg_LGInfinia_01.jpgLG has just revealed their astounding flagship HDTV, which isn’t much thicker than a digital picture frame and will do 3D. 3D? Anyone thinking Avatar?

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