Never Dupe Your Readers

Mike Davidson, CEO of Newsvine, chimes in on Jason Calacanis’ stunt last week about the iPad fiasco. If you weren’t aware of it, Calacanis spouted some BS about having been given an iPad and flaunting its features. This was all bull and later he revealed to everyone that it was just a “silly joke” and that everyone who believed him was “an idiot”.

Mike Industries is currently down. I had to harvest the feed of the blog in order to read the post.

I used Newsvine when it started but became rapidly frustrated with the site and abandoned it. I’d rather work on my own content on my own sites.

Raul Gutierrez and the Lies He Tells His Children

I like this one:

Before your eyeballs fall out from watching too much TV, they get very loose.


and this one:

There are 71 flavors of snow, but only 63 flavors of water.


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August 11, 2009

Lies I’ve told my 4 year old recently

The mole men live in the subways.

The bird men live in the skies.

The monster doesn’t actually live under the bed (he’s hiding somewhere else nearby).

There are 71 flavors of snow, but only 63 flavors of water.

Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old

Lies I’ve told my 3 year old recently by Raul Gutierrez. (via swissmiss)