Life-Sized Dalek Replica: Exterminate!

While it was revealed that the Daleks would not be seen in the current series of Doctor Who on BBC, that doesn’t stop the awesomeness of this full scale replica from ‘This Planet Earth LTD’. To top it all off, it’s an official replica, not just some fan-made thing.

dalek doctor who bbc life-sized replica exterminate robots

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Life-Sized Jedi Master Yoda Forces His Way into Your Home

Do you think you’d learn more about how to harness the powers of the Force by having this life-sized Yoda statue in your living room? The statue stands 30 inches tall and weighs about 22 pounds, so I can only assume that Yoda really only weighs 22 pounds when they say “life-sized”.

star wars yoda jedi master life-sized rubie statue

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