Telomerase Gene Therapy Extends Mouse Lifespan by 24%


Inducing cells to express telomerase, the enzyme which is supposed to slow down the metabolic clock, has enabled researchers boost the lifespan of mouse by 24% with a single treatment.

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Sirtuin Protein SIRT6 Linked to Longevity in Mammals


A member of the sirtuin family of proteins, SIRT6, has been shown to extend lifespans in mammals. Researchers studying the aging process have long been intrigued by the sirtuin genes and their associated proteins. Recent results published in the journal Nature suggest that the overexpression of this one gene can lengthen lifespan in male mice by up to 15.8%.

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The Plug & The Battery: Maximize Your Charge

Do you always plug in your laptop as soon as you get home? Or do you wait until the battery is completely discharged before doing so? As more and more people have started using laptops as their main computers, battery myths exist all over the place. The question is, what do you need to do to maximize the charge of your laptop?

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