The Tongs Lamp


When you think about tongs, you think about BBQ and kitchen utensils. However, Tokyo based designer Takashi Sato has come up with a lamp that holds a bulb in place using a tong-like structure.

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The Lighter: Is it a Highlighter or a Lamp?


Office ighting is rarely anything but drab and boring. The Lighter from designer Alexander Lyapunov changes all that. The desk lamp, which has just passed the prototype phase of production, looks like a highlighter. However, the Lighter is more than that. It lights up using a Phillips fluorescent bulb and will create a relaxing glow around your desk.

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Smoon Ombrella: A Flying Saucer LED Lamp


This modern lighting fixture might look like an umbrella, but it looks more like a flying saucer or a strange jellyfish. The fixture was created by French furniture designers Beau & Bien. The Smoon Ombrella lamp gets its sculptural shape from custom cut Plexiglas. It towers at 81″ tall. The canopy itself measures a substantial 39.4″ x 59″.

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Nemo LED Chain Lamp


If you’re tired of your old and cheap lighting fixture, the Nemo LED Chain Lamp may be a good way to spruce that ol’ desk of yours; just be ready to throw down $600…

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Miniaturized Philips Living Color Lamp


Last year, Philips came out with an LED LivingColors light that was a smash hit. Keen on capitalizing on that success story, Philips is coming out with a miniaturized version that features 256 different color modes and an updated look.

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LEGO Brick Lamp


The Japanese store 25togo has designed these clever little desk lamps inspired by classic LEGO building blocks…

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