Philippe Starck’s Multi-functional USB + LED Lamps

Boutique brands and designers have been toying with LED lamps for a while, thanks to their energy efficiency and the opportunity for slimmer form factors. But these new lamps from Philippe Starck combine an eleganct form design with multi-functionality, adding a USB port so your lamp isn’t just something to turn on, but also something to plug into…

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Sensai Wood Design Speakers: Light Up a Room with Sound

These beautiful Sensai speakers include lights so that they can serve as lamps as well as wireless speakers. There are a few different variations, including a suspension lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, and wall sconce.


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FLO Series for Lumina: Minimal Table & Floor Lamp

052511_rg_FLOLumina_01.jpgThere’s something very appealing about minimal lamps, especially ones that use LED technology. They seem to meld into the background, but once they are switched on, it’s surprising how much light they can generate. The FLO series of lamps was designed by a British architecture firm and its main attraction is its obvious minimal design.

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Is It Finally Time to Switch to LED Bulbs?

051811_rg_LEDvsCFL_01.jpgLighting technology has kept evolving over the last few years, and we believe we’ve finally reached a point where LED bulbs are a viable and cost efficient option. The average energy-saving LED light bulb costs about 35% more than its energy-saving CFL counterpart, but it lasts more than four times as long and uses a fraction of the energy required to power an incandescent. This is just for one bulb. Imagine what happens if you change all of your bulbs in your home…

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Minimal Ross Lovegrove Printed LED Lamps for Danese

We’re finding that LED lights are becoming more and more prevalent in modern lighting solutions. LEDs are more energy-efficient than CFL bulbs, and it makes a lot of sense to have these kinds of lights in your home. There are a lot of choices when you decide to go with LED lamps. A lot of designers are also making some very singular lamps. These are some of them.

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Skype Lights: Keep a Blank Browser Window Open

050911_rg_SkypeTrick_01.jpgDepending on your lighting situation at home or when you are on the road, you might run into problems when you Skype regularly, especially in darkened areas. Each room is different, and a lot of it resides on how many lamps are in the room and how bright the illumination is. We’ve got a very simple trick that will help you Skype without any problems when you are someplace where there isn’t much light.

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Molecules Origami Lamps: Folded Paper & LEDs

These beautiful lamps were recently unveiled in Milan, Spain, and they are part of the Molecules collection, which is a completely new series of lights based upon the origami art of Ilan Garibi. You wouldn’t think that these lights were technological, but you’d be wrong; they include digitally dimmable LEDs and are touch-operated.

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