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A Vacation from Power: A Storm, Angry Birds, Jonathan Franzen @ The Firmuhment

Long post by Justin Wolfe over at the Firmuhment. In it, the talks about being left without power during Memorial Day, playing Angry Birds Rio naked with his girlfriend, and Jonathan Franzen. I think it’s about 12,000 words long.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Lulls in the rain so that I can walk my dog without getting wet.
  • The taste of ice cold water when I’m hot.
  • The taste of ice cold Fanta, which reminds me of when I was a kid.
  • The cup of espresso-strength coffee that I brew from time to time in the afternoons.
  • The way my Frenchie snorts to show his affection.
  • The evening shower after a hot and sweaty day.
  • Driving as fast as possible, safely, on my way to school or to work on a sunny day.
  • When my cat licks my arm.
  • When my dog licks my feet.
  • The sour taste of lemon juice with salt and Tabasco sauce.
  • Understanding something that most people wouldn’t.
  • Finishing a book and moving to another book in my to-read pile.
  • A nice and heavy to-read pile of books so that I don’t have to re-read old books.
  • The taste of Nutella on a toasted piece of bread with butter.
  • Ritter Sport Hazelnuß
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Seeing dewdrops or raindrops coagulating on leaves.
  • Getting a dog-hug from Spike when I walk in the door.


  • Going to the bathroom for a wee while standing up, waiting for that last drop, and still getting some pee on my drawers.
  • Driving my scooter in the rain.
  • Drivers talking on cell phones.
  • The way my cat meows loudly when she wants something or something doesn’t go her way.
  • Standing still and sweating.
  • Stinky tofu.
  • Anything to eat that smells awful.
  • Snakes.
  • Sleep inertia.

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