Cookoo Analog Smartwatch: Isn’t That an Oxymoron?

I guess that since Pebble was so popular thanks to their highly successful Kickstarter funding drive, it’s only a matter of time before the market of smartwatches becomes flooded with new products. The Cookoo takes a unique approach by combining an analog watch with a smartphone interface.

cookoo analog smartwatch smartphone

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Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch: iOS and Android Goodness

There are quite a few smartwatches now available to geek up your look. The Pebble watch was designed by the same people who created the inPulse watch for Blackberry, and it looks like a really nice way to link a watch with the smartphone in your pocket.

pebble smartwatch

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Animated Augmented Reality Tattoo Sings a Little Song

This isn’t just a any old tattoo, but it’s actually an animated augmented reality tattoo, which in my book makes it awesomesauce. However, I still wouldn’t want one on my skin. Would you?

qr code tattoo karl marc interactive animation techno

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Tetris Link Board Game More Like Connect 4 Than Actual Tetris

How man hours did you play Tetris on your green-screened Game Boy? I played for a long time, until I passed level 12 and it was just too much for me. Now, after more than 26 years, Tetris has been turned into a board game.

tetris video game board link john adams retro

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Zelda and Peach Catch Up

What would Zelda and Peach talk about if they got together for a cup of coffee? Well, College Humor decided to see where this would go. It’s probably best that these two video game characters don’t come out and play too often. They’d get annoying pretty quickly.

peach zelda video catch up game mario link

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Schlage LiNK Lets You Control Your Home From Afar

071009_rg_schlagelink_01.jpgOne of the main concerns of any homeowner is what happens to their beloved place while they are away. This is something that causes as lot of worries. You are not there and you have no control over the situation. Thankfully, family members or friends can be enlisted for help, but how about using some state of the art technology, to allow your home to be remotely controlled?

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