New OLPC XO-3 Is A Thin Tablet That’s Pure Vaporware, Or Is It?

This new OLPC looks quite amazing. It’s an ultra-thin tablet PC that’s supposed to be released in a few years. Is it pure vaporware?

olpc xo-3 tablet computer

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Cheap Laptops Are Bad For Vista Good For Linux

Cheap laptops are bad for M$ Vista and good for Linux.

SheevaPlug: The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Computer

022509_rg_sheevaplugcomputer_01.jpgComputers are rapidly diminishing in size, but if you would have shown me this computer, I would have assumed that it’s a power adapter. I would have been wrong, because it’s a tiny computer masquerading as a power plug. There have been other small Linux computers out there, but the fact that it’s available for $99 right now is also a marvel. That’s good, because Marvell, the company who makes this thing, will soon announce a $50 price drop.

Windows C’est De La Marde

I hate M$ and freaking Windows. Why would they install a 32-bit operation system on a 64-bit computer rig? That totally sucks ass.

Freaking Vista is so packed with bloaterware that it just runs so slow. Enough said. At least I don’t have Linux. Like my roommate says, Linux c’est pour les pauvres.

Linux Quotes Heard in My Apartment

[Mac OS] C’est moins attardé que Linux, ça va marcher!
[Mac OS] It’s less imbecile than Linux, it will work…

Linux, c’est pour les pauvres!
Linux is for poor people… (since it’s an open source product and there are not enough professional debugging teams debugging code. Users end up being beta testers)


The World’s Slimmest Computer


After reporting on the SpaceCube, we weren’t surprised to find out that the fit-PC Slim would be the latest and smallest computer available today. Just as we mentioned, the fit-PC Slim is billed as the smallest and most energy efficient PCs available.

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Matlab On Ubuntu

I freaking hate that the Windows shortcuts aren’t emulated in Linux. WTF. It’s like a reflex to use them in Linux. I’m always surprised when I save a file with CTRL+S it doesn’t save. CTRL+X, CTRL+V don’t work either. WTF.

I must have wasted 10 minutes on shit like that this afternoon while I was programming some numerical integrals with the Simpson 1/3 method. This method is of the 4th [O(h^4)] order. We used a Richardson Extrapolation to gain two more magnitudes of order. Time matters when you are doing a 45 minute lab and that at the end of the lab, you have to hand in your programs.

We spent another 20-25 minutes trying to figure out what the problem was with our program. We had some syntax errors. The if statement had the semi-colon at the wrong place. Otherwise, I would have finished this lab in about 20 minutes flat.

My partner was sick, so I was stuck doing most of it myself. He was in class, but his frequent trips to the bathroom weren’t helping him do any coding.