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Lomography Fisheye Baby 110: Tiniest Lomography Panoramic Camera Eva!

While some people thought that film was dead, Lomography continues to revive film cameras for a new generation. Lomo cameras create images that are full of color and feeling, a bit like an analog version of Instagram.

fisheye baby lomography 110

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Spinner 360 Lomo Camera: Capture 360 Panoramic Shots, Low-Tech Style

The Spinner 360 is a Lomo camera that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic shots, in complete low-tech style. The camera spins around, thanks to a handy drawstring, capturing one long image. Now, why didn’t I think of that? It’s an interesting addition to any lomographer’s arsenal.

lomo spinner 360 special edition

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Minimo-X Digital Lomo Camera Fits on Your Keychain

I usually lug around a DSLR, but if I had something like this in my pocket, I might take loads more photos. The Minimo-X is the second generation of the Minimo camera, and it’s basically a toy camera, like many of the plastic ones already available. The distinction is that the Minimo cameras are digital and produce cool visual effects.

minimo x pocket arts digital lomo camera toy tunnel

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Lomo LC-A+ Camera Gets New Accessories, Wide-Angle Lens

Lomo has released a ultra-wide angle lens, that’s compatible with their new LC-A+camera line. The lens will allow you to take impressive photos of buildings and the like with their retro film cameras. Digital is cool, but sometimes, analog is just as fun.

lomo wide angle lc-wide lc-a+ analog film camera

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the teeny tiny pinhole camera

at it can fit on your thumb.

pinhole tiny lomo camera francesco capponi

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