Space Invaders Waffle: They’re Invading Breakfast, Is Lunch Next?

Sure, this Space Invaders waffle look delicious, but it makes you wonder if they’ll ever invade your other meals. I don’t think there’s any danger of that, but are there other meals that can be shaped like Space Invaders?

space invaders invader art show waffles

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Daleks Invade London: Sanctioned by the BBC

It was a strange sight on London’s Westminster Bridge when people saw Daleks rolling about, getting ready to exterminate everyone. The procession included four generations of Daleks, showing how the mutant creatures had evolved during the years.

dalek doctor who bbc exterminate london

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World’s Largest iPhone Made Out of iPads

So go figure that the largest iPhone ever built is actually made out of 56 iPads. It’s kind of awesome in its ridiculousness. The iPads have been slaved together to showcase the Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light iOS app.

iphone ipad lara croft ios game london

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A Metric Century Night Bike Ride

Kuota KOM

I was way too tired last week to go out on bike rides. I was back at teaching fulltime, around 28 hours a week, on top of that, I was covering some freelance blog posts at Unplggd. That meant that I was going to bed very late and waking up early. My system included a three to four-hour night, a 30 minute noon-time nap, and a 2-hour nap after work. I don’t think this system works well. I totally broke down on Saturday and slept 16 hours.

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Olympic Buildings

The top ten Olympic buildings of all time. Well, mostly from the most recent and upcoming Olympics. I’m sure that there are quite a few superb buildings that have sprung up thanks to the Olympics.

Surreal Line By Chutney Bannister

A great series of photographs taken by Chutney Bannister in the London Underground, juxtaposing adverts and tube shots.

Banksy Strikes Again

Banksy strikes again with his biggest London mural right underneath a CCTV camera! (via TomHawk)

Staircase Library

This staircase library looks cool, but where do you sit to read? On the stairs I guess. (via cf via krv)