Buying Tech for the Long Run

012012_rg_TechLongRun_01.jpgTech manufacturers can get insidious with their updates. They’ll release an updated version of tech that you use daily, every year. While for some this might be necessary, for most of us it can just drain our dwindling finances, which is why you should always buy tech for the long run. Here’s how you can do it :
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Training Regimen

My right knee is hurting a bit. The tendons are a bit sore since my 14km run of last Sunday. I haven’t had time to recuperate since I ran on Wednesday and Friday. I was thinking about going running today, but I didn’t go. It would have been too much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this next week.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go run tomorrow with the Running Room people. I’ll go for a long run as well, the longest available. It should be around 16-18km. I have a feeling that I won’t be running fast, but at least I’ll be running.

I definitely do appreciate the different between the Running Room runs and the triathlon training. Both get me out of my comfort zone. Now all that’s left is to start swimming with them as well. I have the schedule and I’ll probably join them starting on Monday.

13.8 KM

I had only slept a few hours when it was time for our Running Room meetup and long run for the week. I got up at around 7:15AM on a cold Sunday morning. It was cloudy and the temperature outside was about 3C. It was frigging cold. I ate some breakfast (yogurt, granola, grapes, strong tea), talked with my wife (in Taiwan), and left at about 8:20AM with my roommate for the 8:30AM meetup. We had a choice between 11.8 km or 16.3 km. We chose the 11.8, since we had ran to the store and would be running back. Initially, the run felt so good that I almost went for the 16.3. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t. Then again, maybe I should have. I know I’d be capable. In total, that would have been 18.3 km, close to 20 km.

In total, it took us about 1:09:49 to complete this run. That’s pretty cool, because this summer, it took me over 2:15 to complete 15 km. I was also running with about 15 other people. It was an interesting experience. I was slow compared to last week since I hadn’t run that much because of my cold. But it felt good and I met some interesting people.

The air was frigid in my lungs and I needed to use my inhaler twice. I also had some cramps, but nothing that didn’t dissipate quickly. During the first half, I was in the leader’s pack. During the last part, I was bringing up the rear. A hill midway totally killed my momentum. I wasn’t too far back though, only about 30 seconds. Still it showed me that taking almost a week off training had had an impact.

The runners were mostly male of all ages. A few women were there. Half of the people assembled did the 16.3 km. Honestly, I didn’t like the terrain. We were running on sidewalks, always going up and down, and streets. I prefer running on the Plaines D’Abraham, where you don’t have to worry about cars, intersections and other distractions.

The pace we maintained was 5 min to each km, which is good. Speed was about 12kph, which is faster than my other runs. No wonder I felt it! Still, I’m pretty happy with my time, even if I brought up the rear during part of the run. It’s still challenging to keep up with the leaders, which is what I plan on doing next time.

We also ran the last km back home. We went really slow, so it was relaxing. I had some Gatorade, ate a banana, and took a shower. After that, I contrast showered my legs and bandaged them up nice and tight. I’ll probably take a nap. Still, it’s a good way to begin the day.

I’ve come to realize that I need to start piling up the miles, everyday, even if it’s only 5 km. I need to get used to the constant effort that it necessitates. 5 km is a lot shorter than 9.2 km and it would take me less than a half an hour to complete.