Hacked Long, Custom & Stylish Entertainment Center

051611_rg_LongIKEAEntCenter_01.jpgThere are many people who say that home theater furniture looks the same. Even if we don’t think so, it’s a good reason to modify and hack it in order to come up with new and unique configurations. The other advantage of hacking is that you end up with a custom solution from stuff that isn’t custom at all. The only limit is your budget and your ingenuity.

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John Whelan’s Traditional Bookish Home Office Remodel

When it came time to remodel John’s home office, he decided not to go with a minimal and modern design, but with something more traditional. This home office almost feels like a study, with its towering bookcases and lots of wood. If you want to take a break from the ultra-modern workstations that we’ve featured in the past, take a look at this one, which was completed a short while ago.

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Bart Reardon’s MacBook Air Project: Hacked With Style

The MacBook Air Keyboard casemod is one fine example of what a Mac-based Asus Eee Keyboard could look like. The Asus Eee Keyboard is the ultimate size in Home Entertainment PCs: the size of an average keyboard and it contains a complete computer.

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The Hacked Computer Shelf Puts Monitor At Perfect Height

Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in front of their computer will tell you that it gets painful after a few hours if you don’t use ergonomics. It’s sad that not a lot of places put an emphasis on this, especially if you are working from home. This is why we thought that hacking a picture shelf to become a computer shelf would be the perfect recipe for people needing something like this.

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Serge’s Multi-Monitored Uncluttered Workstation

070110_rg_SergeUncluttered_01.jpgIt’s really rare to find a workstation this uncluttered. Although Serge uses an old school corded Microsoft Intellimouse, the rest of his setup is really beautiful. We like how sparse and minimal his whole desk looks. All in all, it’s an inspiration.

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LOOK 695 First Ride

LOOK 695 in the iconic Mondrian color-scheme, available after the Tour

Bike Radar is putting the LOOK through some initial paces. There’s not much in this piece, but there is some new info. The most interesting thing is the crankset, which is made out of carbon fiber and part of the i-pack module. I’m sure that THM Carbones and AX Lightness will follow suit. The non-drive part of the crank is made out of one piece of carbon fiber. It has to be threaded through the larger BB65.

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LOOK 695

No lugs in sight!

LOOK has just announced more details about their new 695 road frame. This frame is supposed to weight about 900g and comes with an oversize BB, just like the TT frame 596.

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TV Flash Lamp Hides LCD Monitors While Not In Use

This great lamp will actually be able to hide your HDTV, which is kind of cool, since when they aren’t in use, HDTVs tend to loom over living rooms. This smart design comes courtesy of Denis Santachiara for the furniture maker Roche Bobois.

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Twettle The Tweeting Kettle

This is probably something that’s not that useful, but you got to give it to the designers behind this, it’s interesting, especially if you’re involved in a lot of social networking. This kettle will tweet when it’s ready to serve you some tea!

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Telegraph’s Thermal Images of Household Appliances

When we think about thermal imaging, we rarely think about how our homes would look like. It looks like the Telegraph has some great images of what ordinary things and appliances look like when examined by thermal cameras. The results are surprisingly beautiful.

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