If Bilbo Baggins Used iOS 6 Maps

There’s more than a few unkind words to be said about Apple’s decision to boot out Google Maps and use their own, hobbled version instead. Didn’t someone just get fired over this? That being said, I wonder if Bilbo Baggins had used an iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Maps, would he have gotten completely lost? The guys over at Bullz-Eye wondered the same, and came up with this approximation of what his journey might have looked like.

bilbo hobbit baggins journey iphone 5

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LEGO LOTR Garrison of Moria: Bricks Gone Wild

One of the most impressive scenes in the LOTR books and movies is the Garrison of Moria. The incredible beauty and vastness of Moria was captured by a LEGO fan, who decided to convert a whole room into a tribute to this immense structure. We never saw the Moria in all of its glory in the movies or the books, but this build sure captures its essence.

lotr lord of the rings moria mines garrison gerry burrows toys tribute

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Matchstick Minas Tirith: Lord of the Sticks

If you have trouble remembering Minas Tirith, let me refresh your memory. It’s a key location in the Lord of the Rings and someone has clearly turned it into an obsession.

patrick acton minas tirith lord of the rings lotr

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Dragon Age: Origins 60 Hours In

Dragon Age Origins cover

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve played about 63 hours. I’ve wanted to play more, but haven’t had the time. I also appreciate how this game lets me completely disconnect from work and school. It makes me go offline. Well, that’s not true, but my FF tabs aren’t open, so I don’t read feeds, tweets, nor email, which is basically offline.

There is a fine line between being a Diablo-like game and something more of an RPG. There is no doubt that from time to time, DA becomes a little too much like Diablo¹, but the fact of the matter is that it’s more of a game like Oblivion.

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Lord of the Rings & Star Wars Characters Mapped by Xkcd

Wow, this is pretty awesome. LOTR and Star Wars

Isabel Bayrakdarian And Evenstar

I was overcome with emotion while listening repeatedly to the beautiful song Evenstar sung by Armenian-Canadian soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian. (wiki) It made me want to read the Lord of the Rings again and to watch the movies.