Earth Loses 50,000 Tonnes of Mass Every Year


According to some calculations, the Earth is losing 50,000 tonnes of mass every single year, even though an extra 40,000 tonnes of space dust converge onto the Earth’s gravity well, it’s still losing weight.

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The Biggest Problem With Losing Lots Of Weight

Since January 2008, I’ve lost about 50 lbs. Since this summer, because of my training efforts, I’ve gained some weight back in musces, mostly on my legs. I’ve noticed more muscles in my upper body as well, muscles that weren’t there last year.

Now I have to agree that I had some extra weight on my body. This has started accumulating since I started working in finance in 2003. The constant meals at restaurants, being always on the road and not working out took its tool. In 2006, I ran for six months 4.2 km a day. I wasn’t running very fast and I hurt my knee at some point and stopped running altogether. I was planning on starting up again, but them we moved to Asia to teach English.

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I have trouble witnessing love. I reminds me that someone loves me as well and that they are absent for the moment. When I see love, I am reminded of the partial loss. I know that I will see her in a few short days, but the end is a lot harder than the beginning.