Libratone AirPlay Sound System: Stylish Airplay Stereos

Libratone has released some new AirPlay-compatible speaker systems for you iPad, iPhone and iPods. The brand is pretty popular in Europe, and they’ll soon be launching some AirPlay-enabled sound systems in the US. Their products aren’t cheap, but they’ll fit into a modern pad, and they’ll probably please users who like minimalism.

libratone air live stereo airplay sound system ios ipad iphone ipod

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35-H Lounger Chair Looks Better Than Herman Miller’s Embody


Everyone needs a seat. We all know this. However, most of us are content with cheap chairs. Those of you who’ve spent a lot of time in chairs in front of computers know that a good chair is necessary. Our test lab has shown that the Herman Miller Embody chair is one of the best chairs available. Now what do you get when you take an Embody chair and transform it into a lounge chair? You get the 35-H Lounger chair from Frédéric Sofia.

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The Perfect A Lounge Chair To Surf

Lounge chairs are great. They are a mix between chairs and beds and usually are extremely comfortable. I’m sure that we aren’t the only ones that noticed that lounge chairs are also great when combined with a laptop or a computer. If you spend a lot of time in front of one, lounge chairs are perfect to change positions and to relax.

Gentle Wave: The Perfect Lounge Chair


Lounge chairs can be used to take a naps, to comfortably access your laptop/computer or watch a movie on your home theater system. The Gentle Wave Lounge chair is the ultimate in lounge chairs or chaise longues. Users use a handheld remote to control a rocking motion that is designed to simulate floating in a water of body. It’s also used to control the sound wave massage emanating from its dual 50-watt transducers. This is combined with a supine posture and memory foam, will make you comfortable and snooze off in a matter or minutes.

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