Freaky Desktop Speakers You’ll Love to Hate

093011_rg_FreakySpeakers_01.jpgWhile most of the time we’re on the hunt for distinctive and superior-sounding desktop speakers, from time to time we like to take a detour. Whether it’s for a child or just for someone looking for something in the “weird” category, we’ve rounded up a few speakers that will evoke either a love or hate response…

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Reasons Why the iPod Is Still Our Favorite Music Player

113010_rg_IpodLove_01.jpgApple iPods have been around for a long time and we’ve been using them for years. We’d argue iPods remain the music player to beat when you’re shopping for new media players, since they’re easy to use and offer lots of storage space. Here are some of the reasons why iPods are still our favorite music players.

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The Girl Who Was Loved Too Much

Great story over at the Firmuhment. It’s kind of amazing the way this blog is put together. It’s basically the ultimate paperblog. I’m sure that this will become a book at some point.

Belgian Flowers on the Storytree

S is a 16-year old girl who is enrolled in college. She’s leaving Quebec to spend a year studying in English in Mexico with her father. Her father is a consul there. Her mother is Belgian. She’s attractive, smart and bilingual, but like some girls of that age that try to look older than they really are, she wears too much make up. With S, it’s really her eye shadow that is a bit over the top. She’d be a lot prettier without it.

My life is complicated.

Why is your life so complicated?

I just need a break. It’s really cool that I’m going to Mexico to see my father for a week.

When she talks to me, she looks me straight in the eyes. It’s disconcerting, because most adults don’t do this as much as she does.

I started seeing this boy last summer. We really got along great, but he went to a college in another city. We broke it off and I didn’t speak to him for a few months. I bumped into him at a party and we talked a bit. Things were awkward, but he really wanted me to send him an email. I didn’t. We spent some more months without talking.

Meanwhile, I started seeing this 25-year old guy. When he learned that I was 16, we stopped seeing each other. A few weeks later, he still wants to get together though. He says he dreams about me but I just ignore him.

I could see her being someone’s Lolita.

After that, one of my friends decided that we should go out so we did. It just happened and it’s not something I really wanted. Then I saw my friend from the summer again. We really clicked once again, so I think that we should start up again. At the time that I saw him, I was still going out with my friend. Only he didn’t know that. Last Sunday, I left my boyfriend. Now, I don’t know if my friend from the summer knows that I have been seeing someone else. It’s strange, because we never talked about this.

That’s the life of a 16-year old.

* * * * *

You’re going to laugh at me again.

No I won’t.

You are. You laughed at me last week.

No I didn’t.

It’s because I’m messy. It’s not fair. Boys are allowed to be messy. I’m not. Actually I’m really messy for a girl.

She is quite messy for a girl, but I don’t hold it against her. I just find it comical. I look at her rummaging with a smile on my lips.

She tells me this while she rummages through her bag to find an article that we are going to study. It takes her quite a while. So long that I get up and go photocopy the article once again. While she rummages, her books fall over and her papers are all over the place.

I found it! I knew that I had the article she tells me while I finish photocopying the article.


You’d be amazed at what love can do…
Linda to Abby in Survivors (2008 remake)

Yeah, but love can’t cure a paranoid schizophrenic.


I have trouble witnessing love. I reminds me that someone loves me as well and that they are absent for the moment. When I see love, I am reminded of the partial loss. I know that I will see her in a few short days, but the end is a lot harder than the beginning.

I Fell In Love With A Female Assassin

I fell in love with a female assassin.
Photojournalist Jason Howe

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I Love You

A little something that I sent my wife yesterday. I used Faber Castell 0.8mm, 0.5mm, 0.3mm and 0.2mm. I also used Tombo ABT coloring pens to add a dash of color. It’s done paperblog style.