Awake Kate Is Enough S01E04 (NBC)

Awake inter title, via Wikipedia

Awake is a new police procedural drama on NBC, that was initially green lit as a mid-season replacement. The show seems straightforward, but it isn’t because there is a twist. Britten awakes after a traumatic accident that leaves him torn between two realities. In one, his son is alive. In the other, his wife is alive. To differentiate between the two, the filmography is slightly tinged for green and red for the different realities. Jason Isaacs also wears a rubber band that’s either red or green to help him keep track where he is.

The premise is quite interesting, but if I were Britten, I wouldn’t confide in shrinks about what was going on. That’s just a way to get locked up in the loony bin, especially since Britten is a detective. In this episode, Britten and his shrinks wonder why one person could be so different in the two realities. Everyone has got a theory, but if this is an alternate universe, it’s just part of the equation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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