Booq Viper MacBook Air Sleeve: As Natural As They Come

There’s always a place for a good-looking laptop sleeve, and the Booq Viper for MacBook Air definitely looks like a nice one. It comes with a some cool features to make it effective to use everyday, and will protect your ultra-thin laptop wherever you stash it.

booq viper sleeve macbook air

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Moshi iGlaze Case for MacBook Air Lets You Change Colors Without a Paintjob

While I’m fine with the aluminum finish of my MacBook Pro, there are others who just long for the look of the old plastic MacBook again. Well instead, you can now customize the look of your MacBook Air by getting the Moshi iGlaze, which will change the color of your Mac to a nice retro white or black.

moshi iglaze black

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LandingZone MacBook Air Dock: The More Ports, the Merrier

While you might love your new MacBook Air, if it’s your sole computer, you might find it lacking in ports. This is why this new Kickstarter project is so interesting, because it will deliver a handsome dock that will match your Air.

landingzone macbook air dock kickstarter apple ports

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Cooking with Your MacBook Air: All Warranties Voided

I’m somewhat anal about keeping my MacBook Pro clean and pristine, but that didn’t stop Mochrom from using his MacBook Air to prepare food. He basically uses his MacBook Air as a kitchen knife. What will the Japanese think of next?

mochrom macbook air cooking kitchen knife japan

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Apple Product Cycle: When to Buy Your Next Mac

071311_rg_MacProductCycle_00.jpgLike many tech enthusiasts, it takes us forever to finally decide on what to buy. One most important factors when buying new tech is the product’s life cycle. While some people are more impulsive, we tend to buy our tech with cold hard cash, which always reminds us of how long we can use the new tech without having to upgrade. Today we cover some Apple and Mac products, but we’ll tackle Sony, Xbox, and other manufacturers next week.

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Samsung’s Series 9 Laptop Hits the Streets: MacBook Air Alternative?

The aluminum- cased Samsung Series 9 has been touted as a serious MacBook Air alternative. Weighing just 2.88 pounds, it’s virtually the same heft as the 13-inch MacBook Air, and at .64″ thick, it’s even slightly thinner. However, The Series 9 comes with the latest Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. The main criticism with the MacBook Air is its slightly older processors. Also, the Series 9 ships with one USB 3.0 port standard too, and a mini-HDMI port.

samsung laptop 9-series ultraportable macbook air

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MacBook Air on 4 Different Screens, New and Old

121610_rg_MacAirRun4Mon_01.jpgThe new MacBook Air is definitely a notebook that we’d like to get our hands on, even though it’s slightly under-powered. However, sacrifices had to be made in order to deliver this new form factor. This hasn’t stopped Blake from running a total of four effective monitors (including the laptop screen) off his MacBook Air.

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Extending Your Laptop’s Batteries By Uninstalling Flash

110510_rg_NoFlashMoreBattery_01.jpgApple seemed to have gotten a lot of flak for not having Adobe Flash pre-installed on the MacBook Air, but ultimately, there is a very good reason why they didn’t; on average, the MacBook Air will use 33% more battery power when running Flash then when it’s completely uninstalled. While we have no real comments about the politics involved, we do see a great way of extending your laptop’s battery.

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Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?

102810_rg_MacBookAirRightForMe_01.jpgApple just released their new version of the MacBook Air last week, and slowly but surely the reviews have started trickling in. The MacBook Air makes a few compromises to achieve its extreme low weight of 2.3 lbs for the 11.6-inch model and 2.9 lbs for the 13.3-inch model. But is it the right MacBook or laptop for you? Read on to find out more.

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Simple & Effective Mac-Based Setup Includes New Air

This simple and effective setup combines a few elements to make it a place where anyone would like to spend hours. If you want a change of scenery, he can just take the new MacBook Air to the couch or the coffee shop and work from there. There’s nothing complicated about this setup, but it works well.

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