Apple Product Cycle: When to Buy Your Next Mac

071311_rg_MacProductCycle_00.jpgLike many tech enthusiasts, it takes us forever to finally decide on what to buy. One most important factors when buying new tech is the product’s life cycle. While some people are more impulsive, we tend to buy our tech with cold hard cash, which always reminds us of how long we can use the new tech without having to upgrade. Today we cover some Apple and Mac products, but we’ll tackle Sony, Xbox, and other manufacturers next week.

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My Comment on MacBook Pro Reviews

My comment on an Engadget review of the new MacBook Pro:

Also, lower battery life bc of the new proc and specs. One of the reasons my late 2010 MBP 17 is fine. I can get anywhere between 10 to 14 hours of battery life, with the brightness to the max since my daily tasks involve writing, photo editing, and browsing. I didn’t install Flash and just to be safe, use a Flash blocker as well.

Yes, quad-core processors are a lot more performing, but the average user doesn’t need them. I was pretty sure that Apple wouldn’t make any significant changes to the MBP. By this, I mean that the unibody is the same and the lower-end models are almost the same. They have bumped specs, but the really big update will come when Apple redoes the MBP in 2012. Dual HDs, maybe lower-cost SSD, with a thinner body and no optical drives with longer battery life. That’s what I want.

MacBook Pro Discounts & Which Programs to Install

On the weekend, I’ll take delivery of a MacBook Pro 17, which will become my main computing machine for the next few years. The way that I purchased it will show you how you can take advantage of the holidays and still save some money. Since I’m a PC guy, I’ll also share the different programs that I’ll install over the weekend.

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Change Your MacBook Pro’s Hard Drive = Void Warranty?

121410_rg_MacBookProUpdate_02.jpgThis is a question that I get from a lot of friends and co-workers. Apple has got secrecy revolving around their hardware, and there is this belief from a lot of users that changing the RAM or the hard drive will void the warranty. The answer is no. You can change the RAM and change the hard drive without voiding your Apple Care warranty.

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Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?

102810_rg_MacBookAirRightForMe_01.jpgApple just released their new version of the MacBook Air last week, and slowly but surely the reviews have started trickling in. The MacBook Air makes a few compromises to achieve its extreme low weight of 2.3 lbs for the 11.6-inch model and 2.9 lbs for the 13.3-inch model. But is it the right MacBook or laptop for you? Read on to find out more.

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MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, Now That’s The Question!

With Apple releasing their awaited MacBook Air update, it begs the question for users wondering which they should buy, the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Things aren’t that obvious right now, since Apple has quite a few different choices at the same price point. What should you do?

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MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

Sexy shots of the MacBook Air

I’ve been waiting for some reviews for the MacBook Air, and unless you read some of the fanboy gushes that I’ve seen, the MacBook Air is an interesting product, but pretty much underpowered. It’s nowhere near a desktop replacement laptop, and even though the booting times are fast thanks to the flash-based SSD storage, it doesn’t make up for some of the shortcomings, including a slow processor, lackluster battery autonomy (~5 hours), and not enough RAM.

The fact remains that the MacBook Air is a sexy beast. Heck, I want one, but I won’t pay $1,800 USD for one, which is what the souped-up model costs. That includes 256GB of storage and 4GB or RAM, putting it at the same price as the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is considerably faster and is a desktop replacement machine. That’s kind of insane.

This also makes me believe that Apple is about to change their MacBook Pro line in the spring. They’ll probably have top of the line models working with their new flash-based storage. Now those puppies will be blindingly fast and I most probably will delay buying a MacBook until then.

No matter what people say, the MacBook Air 11.6″ is basically a netbook. Fanboys will protest, but yep, that’s a netbook. A really sexy one, but still a netbook. When you can buy the same specs in a netbook for about $300, that’s a problem. It costs Apple $718 to make the 11.6″ MacBook Air, so Apple will be raking in the dough when they sell these.

Still, it’s a great mobile machine, if you’re in the market for an ultraportable.

The MacBook Pro + Mac Mini Home Office Combination

If you’ve taken the plunge and are using a laptop as your main computer, it’s convenient to have another computer at home. Why? Well, you don’t want your laptop running all of the time, especially if you want a more permanent hookup to your HDTV. This is the reason why a Mac Mini complements a MacBook Pro very well.

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Dual Monitor MacBook & Incredible View From Toronto

It’s always inspiring to see the setup that other people use. This setup really made us blink, and take a look again. The dual displays are pretty awesome, but then there’s this incredible view of Toronto, Canada.

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Using The Multi-Touch Glass Trackpad On Your MacBook

11109appleinstructs.jpgThere are a lot of MacBooks out there, but someone pointed out to us that not everyone is using the glass trackpad to its full multi-touch potential, especially if you’ve just bought your first Mac. With this being said, we’ve decided give a few pointers on how to use that fancy new trackpad.

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