LEGO Macintosh: The Only Time I Want to See My Apple Bricked

Ah, the original Macintosh computer. It was an amazing machine to have in your home, especially when most of the other available computers were a bit more complex to use. The Macintosh made things easier, with its graphical user interface, and apps like MacPaint and MacWrite. While it’s not as functional as an original Mac, this LEGO version is still pretty cute.

chris mcveigh macintosh lego replica

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iOS ’86: The Macintosh iPhone

What would your iPhone have looked like if it came out in the 80s? That’s the questions that Anton Repponen asked himself when he started his project iOS ’86, in which he re-imagines what iOS would have looked like back in 1986.

ios 1986 iphone

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Retro Apple iPhone Cases Send Your Phone Back in Time

If you have gotten tired of your slick, modern iPhone, and you yearn for something a bit more clunky, at least style-wise, then you should consider using one of Schreer Delights’ cases to make your own iPhone look like an early Macintosh, a first generation iMac, or the first generation iPod.

schreer delights retro apple cases 01

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The iPhone 4 Legacy Case: Retro Macintosh Goodness

Have you ever wanted to make your iPhone look like an old Mac? Well this retro case for your iPhone makes it look like a classic Macintosh computer. It’s actually a case, with a vinyl skin for the front, so it actually would offer some protection for your iPhone. It also looks thin enough to make it work well.

iphone 4 legacy case 1

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Retro Classic Macintosh iPad Stand Oozes Style

If you’re looking for a unique iPad dock that you can make yourself, look no further because this Macintosh Classic dock/stand really sets itself apart. A modder used an old Mac as a stand for his new iPad.

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Flickr Finds: A Mac Classic Desktop

Actually, it isn’t a Mac Classic, but a Macintosh SE/30, but it looks pretty much the same. JD Wages has put together his desk with the preceding computer with a Newton 2100. What’s really interesting is that he actually uses these to surf the internet.

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