Macro Cell Lens Band Lets Your Smartphone Get Up Close and Personal

I’ve never been one to add gizmos to my smartphone, but this handy little macro lens band does make a lot of sense, especially if you are using your cell phone to take a lot of close-ups. The added benefit is that it doesn’t cost much, but looks effective.

macro lens iphone band cell photojojo

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The Secret Life of Star Wars Toys

I really like this series of photos that shows us what all those Star Wars toys are up to after hours. Sure, keeping them in their boxes might preserve their resell value, but hey, toys need to have a life too!

toys star wars secret life marker photos

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LEGOs On Hoth

The Y-Wing's only problem by Avanaut

Finnish photographer Avanaut has some incredibly beautiful photos of LEGO Star Wars toys on Hoth, the arctic planet upon which the Rebel Alliance has a base in Empire Strikes Back. Check out his Flickr set.

If you’re curious how this was done, you can check it out here.