World’s Smallest Magazine Cover

While there’s no shrink ray in existence as of yet, scientists are hard at work at making magazines available for us, just in case we ever get down to the micrometer scale. In fact, a laboratory in Switzerland has managed to print an image so small that you could fit over 2,000 of them onto a single grain of salt. If they were to do this, the title of this article would be called “4,000 pandas on a grain of salt.”

worlds smallest magazine cover 1 620x809
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LEGO New York Times Building: “T” is for Fun

Japanese LEGO artist Sachiko Akinaga created this unique LEGO building that resembles the iconic logo for the New York Times Magazine. It’s set in a fictional Central Park. The sculpture will be used as the cover for the winter travel issue of the magazine.

lego times sachiko akinaga model magazine new york central park

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T-Post The Wearable Magazine

The current issue of T-Post
The current issue of T-Post

Each issue of T-Post is printed inside of a t-shirt and sent off to its subscribers. Sounds pretty cool! Each issue costs €26. (via wsj)

The S in S Magazine Stands for Sexy

S Magazine features some awesome photography, NSFW

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Internet Trolls

A great article over at the NYT Magazine about internet trolling. What are my thoughts? I found it interesting. As much as the souless corporate world exists, the trolls have their goals as well. (via cf)


The March edition of Elimae is out. Elimae is an electronic literary magazine edited by