Tricking Out the Apple Magic Trackpad

101111_rg_TrackPadAddOns_01.jpgEver since the Apple Magic Trackpad was released, people have been claiming that it’s going to lead to the death of the mouse. While we believe such predictions are bit too early to state, we do think the Magic Trackpad and gesture based navigation has a lot going for it beyond the realm of the mouse, especially when you add features like the following…

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The Secret Circle S01E01 (CW)

The Secret Circle intertitle, via Wikipedia

I didn’t expect much of this show and wasn’t disappointed. It’s quite a teenage stinker, and that’s probably down the fact that I’m not a teenage girl, infatuated with Twilight. This Twilight rip-off reminds me of Anne Rice. When she ran out of stuff to write about vampires, she started writing about witches.  It’s funny how all of these shows/books/movies are alike. A young girl moves to a new town and finds out about her strange powers/heritage. Basically, this is what the show is about. While it was pretty bad, I had fun writing the review. I’m not sure that I’ll watch it again. It’s a bit mind-numbing, stupid, and boring. Unlike other stupid shows, this one does take itself seriously. The whole witch thing is really badly designed in this show as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

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Converting Your Apple Magic Trackpad to USB Power

Unless you’re planning on using the Apple Magic Trackpad with your laptop, it’s hard to try and find reasons why this new peripheral can only use batteries. It’s true this use of batteries is wasteful, and a USB-version would be much more appropriate. Until Apple comes up with this option, you can always hack your Magic Trackpad.

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Ricky Jay

I’ve never seen Ricky Jay perform, but from this profile in the New Yorker, I imagine that he must be quite the magician. That’s not all. Errol Morris interviewed him for his series on lying. Actually, I do remember him playing a villain in Tomorrow Never Dies.

He is a sleight-of-hand expert and is notable for his card tricks, card throwing, memory feats, and stage patter.


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

I just finished reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. The book was published in 2004. It’s an amazing tale. It is set in an alternative 19th century Britain, where magic is making a comeback after hundreds of years of absence. Mr. Norrell is the only real magician of his age, until Jonathan Strange becomes his pupil.

The novel introduces an ensemble cast. I find that the novel is but only an introduction to a greater story. The book is set in a world where John Uskglass, the Raven King, was a king of an English kindgom hundreds of years ago. It is said that he ruled the North of England, a realm in Faerie and another realm on the far side of Hell.

Towards the end of the book, the Raven King returns. I have read that Susanna Clarke is writing another book in the same world, after what happened in this one. I wish she’d write about the Raven King and tell his story.

The book is being turned into a movie. I recommend it. It was a tantalizing read.