Striker LED Light Mine Professional Won’t Blow You up But It Will Light You up

While I haven’t been around naval mines much, I have to say that this does look like a naval weapon of some kind. Thankfully, it’s not. It’s actually an intelligently-designed task light.

striker light mine

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onanoff Magnum Earbuds: Magnet-based Cable Management

Like many people, I hate getting my earbuds all tangled up. Of course, when you stash them in any pocket, this is what happens. These new earphones from onanoff are supposed to resolve this issue thanks to a handy magnetic organizer.

onanoff magnum earbuds audio earphones

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Personalized Fridge Magnet Clock Helps Organize Your Chores

091009_rg_magnetclock_01.jpgClocks have many uses, but we find that they can be used quite well to organize a home. Instead of just relying on the time to do tasks, why not use a more fun way to organize chores and tasks in your house? The Magnet Clock lets you customize what needs to be done.

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Water Clock Uses Magnets: Kind of Like Divining Time

050809_rg_water_clock_magnet_01.jpgWe all need clocks. Clocks tell us what time it is. Some of us can actually tell the time without using clocks, but that ability is rare. Actually, it’s possible to develop it, but in the end, would you really trust yourself to tell the time accurately when minutes are important? That’s why I really like this Water Clock. Instead of using dials or digits, it uses magnets to move balls around. Even though it seems archaic, this clock actually tells the precisely, which is really cool.

Twitter Magnets: Use Virtual Magnets to Compose Tweet

If you’ve finally caught up in the Twitter rage, then you must have started typing away on your cell phone or laptop, trying to come up with interesting tweets. I’ve read today that 60% of Twitter users quit using the service after a month. This isn’t something new and the fact of the matter is that Twitter has been around for a few years. We found this web app pretty cool.