Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Now Matches White iPads

OK, you got me. My iPhone is white, as is my iPad, so having a gray or black keyboard folio kind of sucks. So it’s cool that Logitech decided to released a white version of their Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

logitech ultrathin keyboard cover white

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Rokbed Mountable iPhone Case: Prop it Up Anywhere

When I first saw this iPhone case, the design kind of reminded me of the Transformers. While that might not have been the initial intent, the Rokbed case is definitely something unique-looking and functional since it will allow you to mount your iPhone almost anywhere.

rokbed v3 mountable rokform case iphone

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iPUP iPhone Case Offers Safe Storage for Magnetic Cards

The iPUP is a combination case/credit card holder case for your iPhone. It was designed by Yun Seong Kim and it’s supposed to keep your cards in place, no matter what happens. What I like is that it has some technical features to protect your cards that are housed within it.

ipup case iphone 01

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Earth’s Van Allen Radiation Belt’s Charged Electrons Heading for Space not Surface


The increase in solar activity has become quite obvious on Earth, thanks to the increase in auroras caused by geomagnetic storms, but while astronomers had previously believed that the Earth might be stripped temporarily of its radiation belts, causing the charged electrons to inundate the atmosphere, new data has shown that the deadly particles will actually be blown back into space.

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iPhone Lens Wallet: for Serious iPhonetographers

As more and more people ditch their point-and-shoot cameras in favor of their iPhones, it becomes necessary to find a way to lug around all those add-on lenses that you’ve got. Check out Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Wallet, which lets you carry them around easily enough, without cramping your style.

iphone lens wallet 01

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Lasers Mimic Supernova to Explain Cosmic Magnetic Fields


Scientists are using powerful lasers to mimic the effects of supernovae, which are helping to reveal how the magnetic fields of galaxies may have been formed in the early universe. All galaxies have magnetic fields, ones that might affect how fast stars are born, but it hasn’t been discovered where these magnetic fields come from.

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Researchers Develop Magnetic Soap to Clean Up Oil Spills


Scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a new kind of soap, composed of iron rich salts that were dissolved in water, that responds to magnetic fields when placed in a solution. The soap’s magnetic properties were demonstrated at the Institut Laue-Langevin and were caused by tiny, iron-rich clumps that sit in the watery solution. This functional soap could revolutionize the clean-ups of oil spills.

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Ten One Design Magnus iPad 2 Stand: The Invisible Stand

Just like cases, people are always looking for the perfect stand, especially when it comes to the iPad 2. While some people were initially skeptical about Apple’s Smart Cover, anyone who has used it knows that it works pretty well, but it’s still a little cumbersome as a stand. This new stand from Ten One Design also uses magnets and it will prop up your tablet like no other.

ten one design magnus ipad stand 01

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Steelie Mobile Device Holder: Perfect Kitchen Stand for iPad

If you’re like me, you probably drag your iPad or tablet around pretty much everywhere you go. That includes the kitchen (and the bathroom.) The Steelie Mobile Device Holder looks like a perfect way of checking on recipes while you’re making your next gourmet dinner.

Steelie Mobile Device Holder 01

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Cellphone Cover

I just spent 30 minutes looking for my cellphone pouch. It’s magnetic and it goes around my Sony Ericsson K810i snugly. It just disappeared. After a while, I thought since it’s magnetic, it might just be hanging onto something strange in a weird place. A few moments later, my hand went underneath my wireless keyboard and found something there. It was the cellphone pouch. I was relieved yet annoyed.