Tie Mags: The Modern Way of Wearing Ties

There was a time when I had to wear a tie everyday. Thankfully, those days are long gone, but anyone can appreciate the cleverness that went into designing this way to keep your tie in place. It’s so simple that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

tie mags

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Magnets Used to Eradicate Cancer Cells


A group of South Korean researchers has developed a new method to cause cell death in both living fish and lab bowel cancer cells using a magnetic field. This application of electro-magnetism triggers a death signal that leads to programmed cell death.

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Ten One Design Magnus iPad 2 Stand: The Invisible Stand

Just like cases, people are always looking for the perfect stand, especially when it comes to the iPad 2. While some people were initially skeptical about Apple’s Smart Cover, anyone who has used it knows that it works pretty well, but it’s still a little cumbersome as a stand. This new stand from Ten One Design also uses magnets and it will prop up your tablet like no other.

ten one design magnus ipad stand 01

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This Magnet That Will Make You A Lefty. Say What?

Apparently this magnet can make you left-handed, if you’re right-handed. Sounds kind of crazy, but it makes sense how this could help people who have either lost some function in their right arm.

tms transcranial magnet lefty righty left-handed right-handed

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