Destiny 2 Challenge Mode Loot for Legendary & Master Vault of Glass

The last patch from last Thursday fixed one of the most annoying parts of the Master VoG raids. Now, you can run challenges on any mode, without worrying about not being able to claim your time lost weapons from Master VoG. If you complete them on Legendary, you can still complete them on Master. The only difference is that you will not be getting 1320 guns. You will get 1310. That’s a great change, because it didn’t make much sense.

How to Speed Up Your Next Virus Scan

120511virusscan.jpgDepending on how much data is on your drive(s) and how old your computer is, running a deep virus scan can take between “Zzzzz” and “forever”. But over the years, we’ve learned a few tricks to help speed up the process of scanning for viruses…

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Here’s How to Quickly Regain 10-20 GB of Free Space

112111_rg_KeepPCClean_01.jpgEver since we got a MacBook Pro, we’ve been a bit lax with the maintenance of our desktop PC. The computer is old and we know that we won’t keep it for much longer, but it still continues to function as our main home-based PC, so it makes sense to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

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Make Your Computer Virus Scans Run Faster

030111_rg_FastVirusScan_01.jpgWe’ve all had this problem: we wake up in the morning and find out that our computer virus scan that was scheduled late last night is still running and basically stops you from getting any work done on your computer unless you interrupt or cancel it. Here are a few ways that we’ve found to make these scans run faster.

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How to Delete Windows Temporary Files on Your PC

011011_rg_CleanUpTempFiles_01.jpgWindows tends to accumulate thousands of small files that will slow down the overall performance of your PC if you aren’t careful. There are some easy ways to take care of this issue. A few of them are straightforward, by using some of the features and programs that are already installed. Others involve navigating through the C:\Windows file. We have got you covered on both ways.

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Give Your Windows PC an Annual Fresh Start

Earlier today, Taryn talked about how you should clean sweep your devices, from your laptops to your smartphones. If you have a PC, then you should probably take this one step further by regularly reformatting your main hard drive.

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Computer Maintenance: Backup Every Few Months

With ever expanding storage, it’s hard to fathom why people keep going on about backups until your own hard disk dies and you lose all of your files. Take it from someone to whom this has happened a few times, it’s not fun to go through. That is why you need to backup your files periodically, once every few months is optimal. Are there any other ways of doing this? Read on to find out more.

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