Binary Burst LED Clock Won’t Blow up in Your Face, But Will Challenge Your Brain

This LED clock was created by Mike Szczys and it’s pretty unusual. It tells time using binary numbers, so if you want to use something like this, better brush up on your binary.

binary burst led clock

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MakerBot Replicator: Out of Star Trek into Your Own Garage!

I’ve always been a fan of 3D printers, especially when nowadays you can have one in your garage or basement and just print away. Bre Pettis has unveiled the latest edition of the MakerBot 3D printer. It’s called the Replicator and includes a host of improvements, which will allow you to replicate almost anything you can imagine.

MakerBot Replicator 3d printer

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LANDBEARSHARK Motorized Skateboard with Treads: Another Way to Die?

Ever since I first saw motorized skateboards, I always thought that there were a really great way to get around. Now that I’m older and saner, I know for a fact that these contraptions can’t be too safe, especially when you don’t have many ways of slowing down. This particular motorized skateboard was created by The Miters from MIT, and it premiered at the World Maker Faire in New York.

charles guan motorized skateboard mit miters make

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MicroRax Adjustable iPad Stand: Best DIY Stand

There’s something to be said about creating your own iPad stand, whether you use IKEA parts or LEGOs, the result is always something interesting. Take a look at this iPad stand that was made using MicroRAX.

ipad microrax stand diy ken kremer make

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DIY 3D Printer: Straight Out of Science Fiction Into Your Basement

Amazingly, this beautiful 3D printer was built by some guy named Jim in New York. Just like normal printers, 3D printers allow you to print stuff but in 3D. No glasses required! Although this seems straight out of science fiction, the technology has been used since 2003 in the manufacturing segment.

diy make 3d printer printing future

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DIY Robotic Knitting Machine: Sew What?

Let’s be honest, I’ve never had the patience to knit. My mom showed me how, and I did it for about 2 minutes before I went back to playing with my LEGOs. Then again, Correx37 made a robotic knitting machine which will knit your sweaters by itself. That sounds way cooler to me.

knitting machine knit robot

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Steam-Powered Record Player: Taking Steampunk Too Far

It looks like someone is taking the whole steampunk thing a bit too far with this steam-powered record player. Would you want one? Seriously, I wouldn’t. My Technics SL1200s does the job fine. However, this thing is still pretty amazing.

steampunk record player make diy

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Handmade LED Watch: It’s Digital, But Still Steampunk-y

While it seems dubious that anyone in the Victorian era had an LED wristwatch, that didn’t stop Eric Schleapfer from putting one together himself.

steampunk led wristwatch watch timepiece diy

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Twitter Monkey: #plush #arduino #monkey

Maker Pete Prodoehl recently came up with the Twitter Monkey. What does it do? It tweets, of course, right?

twitter monkey arduino hack mod computer tweets

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LED Jack-O-Lantern: The Geeky Way to Scare People Away

Halloween is almost upon us, and the tech geeks aren’t above trying to make Jack-o-lanterns scarier – or at least geekier. How about this? Installing a 70-LED matrix into a Jack-o-lantern to scare people away with blinking lights.

led jack-o-lantern halloween diy make

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