IKEA Malm Storage Unit Reused As Coffee Table


Finding a new way to reuse furniture is always a great feeling. IKEA furniture has its perks, and of the big ones is that you can reuse and hack it easily enough into something new. This coffee table is no exception.

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Dress Up That Dresser As A Home Entertainment Center

When you’re looking for a suitable way to store and use a mini home theater system in your bedroom, you got to get creative with what you choose. While this type of dresser isn’t necessarily only for the bedroom, it makes us think of lying in our beds and watching a movie over the holidays.

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Converting IKEA Malm Nightstands Into A Workstation

As people change homes, houses, and apartments, it’s not always easy to find enough workstations for everyone to work on their computers or laptops. It’s true that more and more people are putting workstations in their kitchens and bedrooms.

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