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  • Chinese Star N9500 Phone Comes Pre-Installed with Malware

    Plenty of phones comes with bloatware, but most of the time, manufacturers tend to limit the scope of these and won’t include malware. Well, the Chinese seem to have taken it up a notch, and will deliver you a phone that comes standard with malware! Read more: http://technabob.com/blog/2014/06/19/chinese-star-n9500-phone-malware/#ixzz36PTioKpQ

  • How the Malware Stuxnet Was Discovered by Digital Detectives

    In depth article about how computer security experts discovered the malware Stuxnet, which has been classified as a cyberweapon.

  • XP Antivirus & Computer Problems

    Well, I think that I almost managed to eradicate all of the viruses from my main computing rig, after running anti-virus programs non-stop over the last few days. It took a very long time to run the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. While Kaspersky ran pretty thoroughly and never crashed, from time to time, it looked like […]