NASA Plans Space Outpost on the Far Side of the Moon at Earth Moon Lagrange Point 2


NASA wants to plan a space outpost parked near the Lagrange point, where the Earth’s and moon’s gravitation fields nearly cancel each other out, making it a lot easier to stage manned space missions into space.

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Botched Pressure Test of Russian Soyuz Capsule Delays Launch by a Month


The Russian space capsule Soyuz was slated to launch on March 29th, but a botched pressure test has delayed the launch until May 15th. Soyuz will contain the next crew of the ISS, who are anxiously awaiting the launch.

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Orion Space Capsule Manned Flight Delayed until 2021


NASA had intended to rebuild its human spaceflight program with the Orion capsule in 2014, with a manned launch in 2016, but it’s been announced that this has been pushed back to 2021.

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