Sandy Island, The Island That Wasn’t There


A New Zealand researcher thinks that he has solved the riddle of a mysterious South Pacific island shown on Google Earth and world maps, but which doesn’t really exist. He thinks that a whaling ship from 1876 is to blame.

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Apple Maps – 3 Times More Likely to Get You Lost Than Google


After having been deemed unsafe by the Australian government a couple of weeks back, iPhone users now have access to Google Maps and it hasn’t come soon enough, as a new study indicates that Apple Maps is three times more likely to give you false directions than Google Maps.

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Felix Pharand-Deschenes Maps Human Influence On Earth


Canadian scientists Felix Pharand-Deschenes used satellite images to map the human influence on Earth, depicting how much it has changed, as seen from space. Pharand-Deschenes used data collected by various government agencies to create these striking images.

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Tokyoflash Subway Watch Concept: Underground Map Easily Tells Time

Tokyoflash has got a great track record of turning user-submitted designs into reality. This new concept watch created by Peter Fletcher from the UK looks pretty cool, and if enough of you guys like the design, it could be produced some day.

tokyoflash watch subway concept

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USGS Map Details Volcanos on the Surface of Io


This new map was published last Monday by the USGS and it showcases the hellish surface of Jupiter’s moon Io, the most volcanically active object in the Solar System. The creation of the map took over six years, and the map itself identifies 425 volcanoes as well as lava flow fields, squat mountains, deposits left by volcanic plumes, and plains rich in sulfur dioxide.

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Moon Data Allows Creation of Detailed Lunar 3-D Map


While NASA released some detailed lunar data late last year, no one had used this data to create a map in true 3-D, something that only Apollo’s astronauts have enjoyed in real life until now.

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Xkcd’s Updated Map of Online Communities: Farmville Is Going to Take Over

The webcomic xkcd has just released a new version of the map of online communities. The word is that Farmville is taking over more and more of the world. Well, maybe not, but seriously, Facebook is taking up a lot of space.

map online communities xkcd fun

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Shulin 樹林市

I got lost this morning on my way to Shulin (樹林市). Getting there isn’t that complicated, but I took a wrong turn and ended up taking the 114 the wrong way. I took the Guanfu bridge into Taipei. Luckily, I had left early enough so that being late wasn’t an issue. I made it into Shulin easily enough.

Once there, my memories of the city started coming back. I lived in Shulin for a few months last year, in my mate’s flat (Carrie) while she was away on holiday in South-East Asia.

A few quick directions from some strangers on scooters and I found my school easily enough. Teaching there brought back memories from 2007. I taught at another branch of the same school and was recommended to sub there for the summer.

It didn’t help that I mixed up the 114 and the 116, lost part of my map and was just all sweaty from the extremely hot sun that plagued Taipei today.

Getting back was a snap. It took me about 25 minutes. Meaning that the commute could be pretty damn fast once I’m sure of the way. Streets and ways seemed familiar and I could see the Banciao train station building from a distance, so I knew which way to go. While I was doing that, I was memorizing parts of the journey so that tomorrow I could find my way back easily.

Now that it’s over, I’m pretty sure how to get there. Once I’m in Shulin, it won’t be that complicated to find my school again. I’ve found that once I’ve been to a place, I can make my way back there easily enough.

Old Nancy’s been repaired. However, she’s a bit slow. She’ll only hit 90 at the max. Before I could hit 95kph. I’m not sure what to do about this. I feel that I’ve put enough money into her for a long time. I’ll probably look into other faster options over the summer. An old Kymco Ego 250cc from 2004 might do the trick for me. Now that I’ve driven a more recent scooter, Old Nancy feels a bit dangerous and shabby. Yet I’ll never get a maxi-scooter. They aren’t maneuverable enough and they are heavy as hell.