Australian Police Deem iOS Maps Unsafe & “Potentially Lethal”

OK, so maybe iOS Maps won’t kill you, but the police in Victoria, Australia have issued a warning to motorists, advising them not to rely on Apple Maps for directions in the town of Mildura.

apple maps mildura australia

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If Bilbo Baggins Used iOS 6 Maps

There’s more than a few unkind words to be said about Apple’s decision to boot out Google Maps and use their own, hobbled version instead. Didn’t someone just get fired over this? That being said, I wonder if Bilbo Baggins had used an iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Maps, would he have gotten completely lost? The guys over at Bullz-Eye wondered the same, and came up with this approximation of what his journey might have looked like.

bilbo hobbit baggins journey iphone 5

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DIY Google Street View Kit: For Areas Yet Unexplored by Google Maps

Do you envy Googlers going around town, scanning the world for their Street View feature in Google Maps? Then check out the DIY Street View Kit that was put together by the German designer Jan Martin. Now you’ll finally be able to scan all of the places that you’ve wanted.

diy streetview google maps

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8-Bit City Maps: More Interesting (and More Pixel-y) Than Google Maps

This 8-bit map of New York City was made by Brett Camper for the 8-Bit Cities project. The goal is not to make your city look like a video game map, but to make it feel less foreign and more familiar.

8-bit cities new york city maps

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