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Robovie-PC Wins First Robot Marathon (At a Very Slow Pace)

Ah, marathons. It seems that robots are now taking up the task of running them for us. The winner of the first robot marathon is a small robot called Robovie-PC.

robovie marathon robot japan race mini humanoid

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2010 Scott Genius

2010 Scott Genius LTD

Ever since I started mountain biking, I’ve always wanted a Scott Genius. It’s been a favorite, though it couldn’t be sold in the US for a few years due to some legal issues with Specialized. Last year, the Genius LTD retailed for over $13,000 USD, making it an extremely expensive MTB. This year, the prices have dropped by almost $3,000 on the LTD. However, looking through the specs, I find it surprising that they didn’t use the full SRAM XX group. Maybe there is a reason behind it, but I’d rather equip my Genius the way I want.

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Are Marathons Safe?

Over at the Well blog of the NYT, Tara Parker Pope wonders if marathons are safe. As an endurance sport, if you aren’t well trained or well prepared, they can be dangerous. Her research indicates that triathlons are even more dangerous. How about ultra-marathons?

Another interesting post is about running barefoot, but that’s already been mentioned on this blog. Running barefoot is good for you.

Ultramarathoners Remove Toe Nails

Permanently removed toe nails, Matthew Staver for NYT

Mr. Ulrich's permanently removed toe nails, Matthew Staver for NYT

More and more ultramarathoners are opting to have their toe nails permanently removed.

Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo

Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo

Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo, the color I wanted

When I went sneaker shopping two weeks ago, I discovered the Asics Japan shoe line. They were specifically made for marathon runners. I was intrigued.

Let me tell you that I absolutely abhor going into a department store to find shoes⁵, even if it’s a high-end store like Sogo. In fact, don’t go to Sogo. You’ll save money by going to regular shops. For sneakers, I recommend the Gongguan area (公館站)¹, which has got at least a dozen different sneakers, carrying everything from Nike to Acupuncture².

Update: I’ve worn them for a full day and you barely notice that you are wearing any shoes. They are extremely light. I’d like to get a small scale to see how many grams they do weigh. I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

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Marathon Running

A great article on marathon running over at 3QD.

When the marathon began as an Olympic event in 1896, it was considered by many sports enthusiasts to border on cruel and unusual punishment of the human body.

Running Barefoot is Good

This article says that running with high-end trainers is a bad idea. People get a lot more injured now with these fancy things on their feet. It’s actually better to run barefoot.

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