14.2 KM Bike

Took my bike out with my roommates to La Vie Sportive, a sporting goods store in Quebec City. Ended up buying nothing, but enjoying the ride. I couldn’t quite make it up the steep hill of Côte Bradelard on the way back. I started out in the wrong gear, and this made it impossible to power my way up standing on the bike. The gear was too low. I needed a higher gear. Once off the bike, I didn’t get back up on it until I was up the hill. It actually makes me want to return back there and try it again.

This was my first experience riding in traffic as a biker. I can’t say that I enjoyed that part, but it was still fun riding my bike. My ass is hurting, so I’ll have to get a chamois bib or something like that ASAP. I wanted to get some running clothes and I almost got them, but in the end, they were too expensive for what they were and I knew that I could get way cheaper online. I tried out a lot of things of brands I liked so that I knew my size.


I went mountain biking on the Plaines D’Abraham today. It was raining and dark, but I wanted to try it out. I had just eaten something and most of the day was spent doing an Optimization HW which is due on Friday. Getting there means going up hills. I was surprised how easy it was. I haven’t gotten used to the gears on my bike, but it was fun. It took only a few minutes and we were riding on grass.

My roommate decided to take a steep hill down on his bike and I followed. The grass was wet and my disc brakes are pretty efficient, so I was making sure that I wasn’t skidding. The Avid Juicy 7s brake pretty hard, so I was modulating my pull on them. I knew that if I pulled too hard on them, I would skid out of control. The wet grass didn’t make things easier.

I didn’t have any problems with the SRAM XO shifters, other than they need to be adjusted. I think my bike double shifts in the middle of range. The bottom of the hill came pretty fast and the grass was separated from the road by a curb, which I only saw at the last moment. No problems, though I had a fraction of a second to notice it.

We went up a few hills. I enjoyed how intense the activity was. More than running, that’s for sure. We went up a steep hill on grass. I lost traction midway since I didn’t have clip-on shoes yet. It was that and having moved my weight out of the saddle, which caused the rear suspension to lose traction. I moved the bike a few feet further and managed to get back into the hill and climb it.

It was fun, wet and quick. I’ll do it again tomorrow.

6.2 KM

Today we ran 6.2 km in 36:05. The pace was quicker with less walking times, and we even had a few little sprints. This is the route we took to the oval. We then ran 1.4 km there. Knees and tendons are doing fine. I felt them towards the end of the run, but nothing bad. I’ve been working on the way that I run, making sure that my footfalls aren’t so hard. That in turn makes your work more muscles in the legs.

Our median speed was about 10.34 kph. It’s still not as fast as three or four weeks ago, but back then, I wasn’t as injured as I am right now. Injured is a big word though. I’m just taking it slower, making sure that I’m not hurting myself. I’m sure that if we would take off the walking bits, we would have averaged an 11 or 11.4 kph without any problems. So I’m not too worried about that.

6 KM

Well, I’m disappointed that my right knee is still bugging me. Tonight during our run, it was the outside of my knee that was acting up. The back tendon wasn’t as sore. Still it slowed me down considerably. I ran a shorter distance though, which was actually what was recommended for me. If it continues like this, I won’t be able to take part of the running workouts with the triathlon team, which are demanding physically.

I’m a lot slower than before as well. I completed 6 km in 35:24. I usually run 7.8 km in 42 minutes. 9.2 in 47. This is really slow. Also, I have to take frequent brakes because my knee is acting up. I might see a physiotherapist tomorrow to see what’s up with that.

This is the route we took to the oval. We ran another 1.6 km there. The good news is that yesterday, my left knee was hurting more. My left was sore. My left knee was fine today. Hopefully by the weekend, I’m going to be feeling faster. It’s really annoying to run so slow.

7.5 KM

I went running tonight in 1C weather. It was snowing. It had been a week since I last rand and it showed. I stopped a few times. This is the route we took to the 1.4 km oval at les Plaines D’Abraham. My roommate came with me and I was glad. I didn’t want to overdo it, so I took it easy.

Our speed was 10 kph and we completed our run in 45:45. It’s a lot slower than a week and a half ago, but I wasn’t pushing the pace and we took some walking breaks which were calculated in the total time.

I had some running tights, tuque, gloves, a baselayer, a midlayer and my Arc’Teryx coat. I was comfortable. The wind and the hills were harsh but felt good. I had to stop running because the tendon in the back of my leg was acting up. I’ve been told it’s because I was running too much too fast. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clock in some major mileage over the next week.

The Biggest Problem With Losing Lots Of Weight

Since January 2008, I’ve lost about 50 lbs. Since this summer, because of my training efforts, I’ve gained some weight back in musces, mostly on my legs. I’ve noticed more muscles in my upper body as well, muscles that weren’t there last year.

Now I have to agree that I had some extra weight on my body. This has started accumulating since I started working in finance in 2003. The constant meals at restaurants, being always on the road and not working out took its tool. In 2006, I ran for six months 4.2 km a day. I wasn’t running very fast and I hurt my knee at some point and stopped running altogether. I was planning on starting up again, but them we moved to Asia to teach English.

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Training Update

I’ve had to take Saturday and Sunday off training because of the back tendon in my knee. It’s been hurting since last Sunday and has stopped me from running at my full pace. I didn’t want to make the situation worse, so I didn’t go running on Saturday or Sunday.

Tomorrow, I’ll likely start my swimming training with the triathlon club. I’m half dreading it and half anticipating it. I haven’t been swimming in a while and I don’t know what my improved stamina will do for my swimming speed.

It’s gotten pretty cold in Quebec in the mornings. Temperature was at about -3C this morning, which is pretty cold. Well, not that cold, but cold when you go out running.

Training Regimen

My right knee is hurting a bit. The tendons are a bit sore since my 14km run of last Sunday. I haven’t had time to recuperate since I ran on Wednesday and Friday. I was thinking about going running today, but I didn’t go. It would have been too much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this next week.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go run tomorrow with the Running Room people. I’ll go for a long run as well, the longest available. It should be around 16-18km. I have a feeling that I won’t be running fast, but at least I’ll be running.

I definitely do appreciate the different between the Running Room runs and the triathlon training. Both get me out of my comfort zone. Now all that’s left is to start swimming with them as well. I have the schedule and I’ll probably join them starting on Monday.

(11 KM) 90 Minute Fartlek Triathlon Training

Since I was a few minutes late last week, I came about 20 minutes early to the triathlon training session. I’m pondering joining the university triathlon team. It’s going to be quite challenging, but I’d get the opportunity to cross-train in biking and swimming, stuff that is quite hard for me to do by myself. Well, since I don’t have a bike yet, that part isn’t really important for now, but soon it will be. We only have a few more weeks left and I hope to have a bike before then.

The members of the team are a diverse group, from all ages. There was one old guy that totally rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t talk with him afterward. He’s an idiot. He also had trouble keeping up with the younger members.

I think there were 14 of us that started the training. Of that number, only 7 finished the training. That meant that is was quite challenging. The run start with a 12.3 kph jog to the training grounds. It was about 3 km to get there. I had already warmed up by myself by jogging to the athletic’s center. That was 1 km. I had no trouble keeping up, but I was told that the run would be even faster.

We did some fartlek exercises for about 15 minutes and started on a 4 km run at the 10 km pace. Honestly, I’ve got no idea what my 10 km pace is. Actually I do. It’s about 12kph, nothing faster than that, at least for now. I didn’t do the farltek right. I was teamed up with the trainer, but he was keeping a very slow pace to run with the slower runners. It was way to slow for me, so I accelerated to keep up with the faster runners. Basically, you are in pairs. One of you decides to accelerate and does so. The other keeps pace. The other member then decides to slow down and you start over again vice-versa. I amused myself by keeping pace with the faster runners, the team which had Evelyne. They distanced me after a while when they accelerated to meet up with the fastest team. Still, I wasn’t doing bad.

Anyway, we started running and a few of the team members were really going fast. In fact, four of them were extremely fast. The fastest runner was a young girl. She was injured and she beat everyone hands down. I was suitably impressed.

It felt good not to be last. I did bring up the rear though on our 3km run back to the athletic’s center. I took the bus and ran another 1 km home.

In total, I ran about 11 km in 54 minutes. The trouble was that I wasn’t at my best. My legs are slightly sore from my run on Wednesday. They still haven’t fully recovered from my 14 km run on Sunday. If I was at 100%, I could have probably kept up with the top two teams. Not the fastest team with that crazily fast girl, but the second team with Evelyne.

The team is diverse. There are two people in their 50s, including an older lady. Two others are in their 40s. Another one is in his late 30s early 40s. Our trainer Thierry is in his late 30s. The rest of the team is young. Most of them go to university and ages vary between 19 and 30. I kind of fit in.

I’ve been asked to come to the next few training sessions. Basically, they’ve asked me to join. Tomorrow, there is a long run of 90 minutes and a two hour swimming training. That’s going to be hard. I don’t think that I’m good at swimming.

Well, I used to compete when I was 12 or so, but I stopped years ago. I still remember what to do, but swimming is really exhausting. Still, I’m looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.

Even though I wanted to get a mountain bike in the next few weeks, I might have to get a road bike to pack up some miles before snow hits.

Fartlek is a bit like speed training. I don’t know which I like better. Suffice it to say that it was suitably tiring. I wasn’t completely bushed, but I was tired. I felt it in my legs. Tomorrow, I want to take a bag and use the sauna instead of coming home in my running gear. That was a bad idea. I was toying with the idea of running home, but that didn’t work out.

I also have to get some more running clothes. I need a softshell jacket and a few more medium thick midlayers so that I keep warm during the runs. I’ll have to take my tuque and gloves as well, as I was cold. My Arc’Teryx jacket isn’t form fitting enough. It’s too wide and large. It’s going to be -3C tomorrow morning. I’d best layer up.

What’s different between the Running Room runs and triathlon training? Well I think that Triathlon training is a lot more demanding. It’s more competitive, you are free to try and excel and there are no limits that are set. If you want to run really fast, you can do that. You aren’t held back by the slower runners. It’s quite motivating as well.

Still, I’d like to do both. For now, I can only do one Running Room run per week, and that’s the long run that happens on Sundays.

7.8 KM

My legs are still a bit sore from last Sunday’s 14 km run. I still managed to complete my run without any hitches.

I completed my run in 45:43. That’s about 3 minutes slower than my usual time. This was the first time that I tried on my running tights. They don’t have any pockets, so I had to wear shorts over. It worked well and I wasn’t cold during my run.

I usually feel pretty fast when I run, but this time was excruciatingly slow. I tried picking up the pace a few times, but I never really managed to match my previous pace. The downtown center is filled with state police, secret service and other security professionals due to the XIIe Sommet de la Francophonie which is taking place for the next three days.

The triathlon meet is on Friday. I might run to school to get there, but I’m not sure. They’ll be doing some fartlek for two hours.