Tag: Marie-Louise Parker

  • Weeds Protection S03E14 (Showtime)

    Nancy has to get a way to fight the bikers. She does think of something but it will mean that a lot of profits will be going away. The safety of her drug dealing family is in line, so she decides to go ahead.

  • Weeds S03E13 (Showtime)

    Nancy is still dealing with the bikers and they are starting to cause problems. Their product is inferior to hers. Nancy has got some supply problems.

  • Weeds S03E12 (Showtime)

    Aguatecture has landed Nancy in hot water with Celia again, but she now knows how to handle blackmailers. Doug continues to plague Sullivan. Doug really got screwed in Sullivan’s deal. He is no longer on the town council and Sullivan revoked his bribe. But no worries, Doug got back at him.

  • Weeds S03E11 (Showtime)

    Things are not getting easier for Nancy. She has to deal with some PI, Celia and other new problems in her life. Her business is doing great. Doug is seriously pissed at the town council after he learns that his job has been forfeit. He regrets ever agreeing to merging with Majestic. He is able…

  • Weeds S03E10 (Showtime)

    Nancy is doing well. Better than she expected. She gets a surprise from the DEA. Things are looking up finally.