Marvel Digital Stylus Doubles as Pen

There are basically two kinds of styluses available. The ones with a thin tip, that allow you to write, draw, and select stuff on a resistive screen, and the ones with a somewhat larger tip, that mimic the way that you use your finger, designed for capacitive touch screens. The benefit of styluses is that they keep your screen from getting covered with fingerprints, and (theoretically) give you more precision than your fat fingertips.

marvel digital stylus pen soft rubber precision tablet smartphone capacitative

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Marvel Digital Portable 3G Mini Router: Perfect for Hacking on the Go

Marvel Digital’s 3G/LAN to WiFi Router is a portable device with a rechargeable battery and a 3G network dongle allowing you full mobility while up to 5 users get access to high speed Internet over the 3G mobile network.

marvel digital router lan wifi portable hacking

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Marvel Digital’s Gadmei P83 Glasses-Free 3D PMP: Good for Your Eyes? Probably Not.

There are only a few 3D movies that I’ve seen that were actually worth it. Most of the others were somewhat disappointing, but check out this PMP that’s supposed to do 3D without any glasses. It’s called the Gadmei P83 PMP from Marvel Digital, and hopefully it won’t harm your eyes when you use it, because we’ve all recently heard the (not so) shocking news that 3D isn’t good for your eyes.

marvel digital gadmei p83 pmp 3d naked eye glasses-free media player

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