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  • WTF Happened to the MCU?

    I chose to skip watching Ant-Man 3 in theaters because the reviews looked so bad. I was happy I didn’t go see that turd. I have since watched it, and it’s pretty bad. Holy crap. So here I am, waiting to see if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 would be any good. To my…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Disney+)

    Nice, short holiday special, with funny parts including your favorite Guardians. B

  • Moon Knight: It Took Only 5 Eps For It To Be Good

    Until this week, I have to say that Moon Knight was kind of average. Maybe a bit below average, especially for a MCU show. I’m not sure exactly what the goal of this show was. Maybe it was hit by delays and a decrease in scope because of the pandemic, I’m actually unsure. I have…

  • Hawkeye Season 1: Better Than Eternals & Shang Chi

    There’s finally some more MCU content to watch. I went into this series with mixed feelings, a bit like Falcon & the Winter Soldier. Hawkeye has never been a character who I thought deserved his own series. But in a year which has been filled with bad releases, so far, for movies at least, except…

  • Externals: the Ultimate Marvel Shit Show

    This year hasn’t been the greatest for the MCU so far. With Shang-Chi lowering the bar significantly since the last few movies of 2019-2020, it’s been quite bleak. I thought that Eternals would be the next Avengers, but the bar was quite low after Black Widow and Shang-Chi. I was very disappointed.

  • Avengers USB Flash Drives: Hulk Don’t Smash My Data!

    Love the Avengers? Then you’ll love these officially licensed Avengers USB flash drives, from InfoThink. Instead of portraying the actual Avengers, the USB drives are in the form of a symbolic part of your favorite Marvel hero. Read more @ Technabob

  • The Avengers, Winnie the Pooh-Style

    Did you ever think that the Avengers would visit the Hundred Acre Wood? Well, illustrator Charles Paul Wilson III did and he redesigned the iconic Marvel characters as if they were about to visit Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear. Read more @ Technabob

  • X-Babies: Before They Were X-Men

    I don’t remember the exact issue in which the X-Men became babies, but I seem to remember seeing them as such, for a short while at least. Regardless, illustrator Skottie Young had his own vision of the super-powered tots and redesigned some of the classic X-Men as babies. Read more @ Technabob

  • Marvel Digital Mercury: Cheap Android Tablet, Still More Expensive than HP TouchPad

    HP might have had to have a fire sale to dump their now-discontinued WebOS TouchPad tablets, but Marvel Digital’s Mercury Pad Tablet is running Android, so you’ll be safe with it. As tablets go, the Mercury has solid specs, but is still more expensive that the discount-priced $99 TouchPad (if you can still find one).…

  • Marvel Digital Smart TV Enabler Makes Dumb TVs Slightly More Intelligent

    While the idea of a set-top box is nothing new, this box will allow you to stream digital content and to smarten your ‘dumb’ HDTV thanks to Android. It’s something useful if your TV isn’t ‘smart’ yet, and doesn’t yet allow you to access your home network to stream files. Read more @ Technabob